Sunday stitching

Hi everybody

I have been busy again this week but feeling a little up and down really much like the weather.  Perhaps being a Virgo I am very close to Mother Nature.

Firstly some more patchwork – the hand stitched one ………


These two sections are now sewn together and I did not find it easy – the card board templates kept popping out at the corners when I bent the fabric to enable sewing.  Perseverance and patience were certainly required.

Next up, I attached some hexagons and diamonds on my blue block – this wasn’t easy either.  I am certainly pushing my boundaries and learning little things as I go along.

quilt block blue

Finally, some more stitching on Audrey and the eyes have it …….

From spooky …10th aug 2019 1

to beauty ….10th aug 2019 2

Well that is all folks, hope you have an enjoyable week and thanks for reading





4 thoughts on “Sunday stitching

  1. btw . . . I was wondering if you’d like to join in a group SAL that I belong to. You might have seen, on my blog, that I have a regular 3 weekly SAL post with updates of a stitching project. The SAL is organised by Avis, and we’re a world-wide group of ladies, all working on different projects, and posting updates of progress every 3 weeks. If you’re interested, check out on my blog, and contact Avis (link to her blog is first name in the list of links.
    It’s a great way to keep motivated, and also lots of fun to see what everyone els is working on.


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