Hi Everybody

No sewing on this post, just a new book that I purchased

laurie lee Christmas Village

I love the cover of this book, it looks so innocent.

Also bought a memoir of Pam Ayes (I love autobiographies, especially people I admire).  Pam always makes me laugh, and I loved her show on Radio 2 – pity it stopped.  Does anyone else remember the show.

pam ayres

That’s all folks



3 thoughts on “Books

  1. I don’t remember the radio show but I certainly remember Pam Ayres! I’ve still got 2 of her poetry books, and my all time favourite is the one about the battery hen lol.


  2. I agree the front of the first book is a wonderful photo that fills my heart with nostalgia. I’m not familiar with the radio or Pam Ayers. However, these 2 books look like good company to spend free time with.


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