SAL – May 2019

Hi Everybody

First, welcome Helen.

Sorry I have been silent recently, but I am still at work, doing my usual job and checking in all the goods that arrive at our store.  It is exhausting work, humping 10 or 5 litre tubs of paint, or heavy boxes.  I will have muscles like Popeye soon.  When I come home all I want is a nice cup of tea and a warm bath to relieve aching muscles.  However, got an extra day off Friday – so relax and breathe.

I am not sure whether I missed a SAL – so sorry if I did.

I have been sewing but have not sewn any more of my Seasonal Quilt, instead choosing to sew the squares for the Rose Window Quilt, as they are easier to pick up and put down as I choose.  Perhaps this weekend I will attach the side borders completing the top border of the Seasonal Quilt and then onto the wadding and backing.

Here are a few more squares I have completed …..



I will try and complete something on my Seasonal Quilt for next SAL.

Meanwhile why not take a peak at the other members’ projects.

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15 thoughts on “SAL – May 2019

  1. Your quilt blocks are very pretty. Take care of yourself with all that heavy lifting. You definitely deserve the tea and bath when you are done for the day.


  2. Hurrah for an extra day off, well deserved. You will be strong from all that heavy lifting. I did that last summer, and I remember the exhaustion at the beginning, but I was much stronger by the end of the summer!


  3. Rose window quilt is gorgeous. Looks like you have the perfect fabric for it too. I must look up that pattern. Thanks for the inspiration.


  4. Sorry I have been a while getting round to you blog but there are so many of us now and I do like to read them all so I am tackling a few each day. Thank you for the warm welcome, its lovely to be back with you all. At first I thought your first Rose Square was embroidery lol but they are so pretty. I had a flick back to your last post too and I love the teacup project you are working on and will look forward to seeing more of that one too. x


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