SAL – 31st May 2020

Hi everybody

Hope you are all safe and well, I am much better and thank you all for your kind wishes.

I still haven’t achieved any more sewing on the Seasonal Quilt. Work is making me quite tired at the moment and to be honest it has been a touch warm to be sitting beneath a quilt. Instead I have cracked on a bit with the Teacup Cross Stitch.

Here is where I was ….

And here is where I am now ….

I have also been sewing the small Rose Window blocks (no photos) as they are more manageable in the heat.

We are a small group of people who sew for pleasure on whatever project they have in there WIP, and who encourage one another to complete projects. It certainly keeps me motivated. So please pop along to the other members listed below to see what they have produced.

Thanks for reading my little blogspot




9 thoughts on “SAL – 31st May 2020

  1. Glad to hear you are doing better, and able to enjoy your crafts again. The teacups are lovely, I am enjoying guessing what the patterns on each cup will look like!


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