SAL – July 2020

Hello everybody

My how time flies by!

I have not done one stitch on my Seasonal Quilt, mainly because it is too hot (not that I’m complaining), therefore with everyone’s blessing I am deciding to change my Work in Progress for this stitch-a-long to my cross stitch “Teacups” which is much easier to do whilst I listen to music or the T.V.

Therefore and without further ado, here is where I was ….

May 2020

And here is where I am now …

It is beginning to look very colourful.

We are a small like minded group of sewing people who encourage one another to complete unfinished or work in progress projects. So why not pop along to the other members to see their progress.

Bye for now




12 thoughts on “SAL – July 2020

  1. Such a cute project! I love teacups! You’ve got a lot of progress and looking forward to seeing more 🙂


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