Objet D’Art


I have a mix of things to show you,(this post is quite picture heavy), but first I am in need of some assistance – having recently collected from my Mother’s house the boxed Singer Sewing Machine that I used when I was younger, mainly to shorten my skirt lengths. It is a hand worked machine, had issues with stopping an electric one.

Here are some pictures, and it is the different feet included with this machine but no instructions that I have the query with. So if anybody knows what they are can you please list them starting from left to right, top row and bottom row.

Well, onto sewing things, in my blog yesterday I mentioned some new stash and here are some pictures of the centre panel (very colourful)

I have planned the design, but that will have to wait for now, but it will be very colourful and bold. Not decided on hand sewn or machine sewn. Might call this Supernova or Firecracker or Phoenix as in birth of a phoenix, not sure, as you may have guessed. Very excited though to get in the swing of sewing again – hot weather made me not wanting to sew much, and feeling well generally lacking in enthusiasm for anything and then back to work – very heavy duty again, generally tired all the while.

Hope someone can help with the naming of feet pictured above, very much appreciated.

Daisy x


10 thoughts on “Objet D’Art

      1. I am good, trying to get back into blogging slowly 😅 I’ve sent you a letter, I hope it doesn’t take too long to arrive 🤞🏼😘


  1. I suggest you check out what model it is first. Looks like a 99 or 66 but you can find out for sure by visiting http://ismacs.net/singer_sewing_machine_company/serial-numbers/singer-sewing-machine-serial-number-database.html
    Once you know the model, you can find full list of feet (with photos) on singersewinginfo.
    At a first glance, it looks like you have: (left to right back row) 1 – adjustable hemmer 2- binder 3 – gathering foot 4 – ? 5 – hemmer 6- edge stitcher.
    front row: quilter foot & underbraider.


    1. Hi thank you for all that infomation and I have clicked the link to find I own a 1950 3rd May Sewing Machine. cherished it is and runs so smoothly. Used it today for the first time in nearly 20 years, brilliant!!!


  2. Hi Daisy, I think you’ve got a Singer 201K. It’s an absolute stunner! Check the model using the link in Claire’s comment and if it is a 201K, have a read of what Alex says about them on Sewalot.com. I acquired the treadle version a couple of years ago and when they’re set up properly, they sew beautifully. Your machine has been cherished and kept indoors. So many have been stored in sheds and garages and they’re ruined. You’re so lucky to have it. Enjoy!


  3. I agree with Most of Claire’s. No.4 is an adjustable zipper foot. I was thinking no. Was a straight stitch foot, but I am referring to what I know about my Grandma Necchi. Those are sweet little machines. People rave about them!


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