SAL – 4th October 2020

Good Morning/Evening Everybody

Hope you are all keeping well and safe. It has been a few gloomy days here in Old Blighty and I had Friday off work – it’s still busy at work and next week I have to cover for my work colleague who is on holiday, so another hectic week ahead. Well what was a woman to do on a misery wet and windy day – sewing whilst dowloading Windows 10 onto my laptop (I know I am very late to the party!!!) but it was a success.

Therefore, I will show you how far I have got with my Cups Cross stitch

This is where I was ………

And this is where I am now ……..

This is the last cup and I think my favourite. I love the top decoration to this cup.

Have you got a favourite one yet?

We are a small group of like minded sewing people, who all work on individual projects and offer encouragement to one another. Please pop along to see the projects of other members.

Bye for now




13 thoughts on “SAL – 4th October 2020

  1. looking good ^^ Is there going to be metalliic thread on this design? only I can’t help noticing lots of unstitched areas on the cups and wondered why lol.


  2. I’m loving that navy one in the middle. Looks like maybe a flower motif on it? Looking forward to seeing that one unfold even more 🙂


  3. I hesitate to declare a favorite until I see more of the designs but I think my favorite will be the one with the dark handle and upper half. It looks like it might have a rose design on it eventually. 🙂 Good luck with the week ahead!


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