SAL – 27th December 2020

Hello Everybody

What a year it has been. Fire, Floods, Drought, Pestilence, and Pandemics.

Let’s hope the milk of human kindness rears its head and is triumphant, along with the vaccine.

Talking of triumphant, bring on the trumpets …….

ta dah!

A finish

Again apologies for the weird lighting.

You will have to wait until next year now to see what my next project is.

However, why not pop along to the other members project to see how they have fared over the holidays.

Bye for now


Happy New Year and Stay Safe.




23 thoughts on “SAL – 27th December 2020

  1. I cannot thing of a better way to finish the year than to be able to happy dance. Its a lovely design too Daisy. Look forward to seeing what the new year brings. A new project is great – some good news would be even better xx


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