Hi! I’m a bird lover and an avid cross-stitch/tapestry lover. I’ve had two cockatiels and now a lovely Meyers Parrot. Hopefully I will stitch an image of the Parrot soon. She’s so quirky, much like her owner. Hope you like my blog.mum and me

Hetty and me (wearing team Hetty T Shirt)

What lessons has my parrot taught me?

  1. To be very patient, and you get your reward.
  2. Be gentle and loving.
  3. Respect her space.  Space is essential to share your life with a pet.
  4. Time – time to sleep, accurate timing – she knows when it is feed time and when she wants to sleep.
  5. Sharing my food – but only the right food for her.
  6. Learn all you can about your pet.


This is the half finished cross-stitch of my parrot.

Now it is complete!!!!!

hetty framed