Birdy Bytes – Sunday

hetty on her own

Good Afternoon Everyone.

Well what a week it has been, my human has been off work for a few days and luckily it was when all that horrible wet stuff called snow came.  The fleece that I’m standing on looks like snow but I have to say that I wouldn’t put my delicate toes in such stuff.  (I’m a warm bird don’t you know).  I don’t actually run around in the sand either, I like my perches where I can hang upside down and do acrobats.  Best of all I like sitting with my human friend and obtain scratching and kisses.  Soft I know but there you have it!!!

Here are some more pictures:



pose…..slight feather adjustment……and finally a kiss









Lady Greensleeves update

greensleeves 2

Hi everyone

I’ve just realised that I haven’t posted anything to do with sewing at all this year.  Well I have been industrious and not just playing with my parrot.  As you can see the above Lady Greensleeves is progressing well.  Also the image I have sewn of my parrot is complete and I am just cross-stitching the background.

Ta-ra for now!

2 birds with one snap

hetty and stitchwork

Hi everyone – smart picture by my human – obviously I am the real deal and the other is an image my human stitched when she was younger.

Had another lovely play day with my human – I must make more effort to be adventurous – mostly sit on her shoulder trying to get kisses.  What can I say –  I love her.

Hetty x

My pad had a refurb

Hi everybody, Hetty’s pad has had a refurbishment ready for the New Year.

My human is so kind to buy me these new toys, but I miss my swing.  It needs fixing as I have chewed the rope again.

Hope everybody got what they asked for at Christmas and maybe a few additions and hope you all have a lovely New Year.