Sunday with Hetty

Hi every body, its a nice day and I’m having fun playing games with my human mummy, firstly where’s my head gone?

bird no head

He He here it is!!!

bird with head

Secondly, hide and seek and peek a boo altogether

hide and seek 1

Oh, you found me.

hide and seek 2

Bet you can’t do this though

Bat Bird


Ah well, I’m tired now – let me sleep in my cage.


Sunday with Hetty

Hi it’s Hetty,  hope everybody is okay.  It’s been very warm in this part of Britain and my human mummy has been busy with domestic things – I think she posted something earlier.  Any way I have been quietly amusing myself and the week she had taken off work has enabled me to be out of the cage more.  Also I have a new present – see below – it is the fluffy one.

new present

as it was her birthday and she didn’t want me to feel left out.  I have such a caring thoughtful mummy.

Also posed for some photos – such fun we have!


Well that’s all folks

Peck!  Peck!




Walking …….

Walking is something I have always loved and more recently I have started writing up my journals of various holidays that I have taken – both as a single person and as a married couple.

These were my new walking boots that my husband bought me on my 50th Birthday.  We were on holiday in Kent – they are Karrimor – and so comfortable.  I think they  are a 3-season boot.  Already clocked up approx. 35 miles in them.

walking boots

Sorry about quality of photo.

Whilst I have been on my staycation I have organised the walking cards from Country Walking magazine between 2 folders – one for the southern areas of Great Britain and one for the northern areas.  Organised or what!  In the past I have scaled Kinder Scout and walked to Wast Water from Eskdale and over Irton Fell in one day.  In the future I hope to be able to walk the Pembrokeshire Coast Path or some other long distance path.

walking folders

As you can see there is a Progress Tracker and whilst I will not be attempting long distance at the moment every little step will count.

Bye for now


1 Weeks Staycation

Hi everybody, well I have 1 weeks holiday from the day job and whilst I have been busy it has not allowed much time for stitchery.  Is that a real word – ahh well it’s staying.  I am still slowly getting there with Lady Greensleeves.  Also started stitching a beautiful Arabian horse – see below.

We have been busy clearing out the loft – my husband was reluctant but we just got stuck in and made good decisions.  Before we knew it all that was left were 6 small boxes and my wedding dress in its cover – can not believe that in March next year it would be 10 years of marriage – how time flies.


Well this is the resulting pile of rubbish and to our amazement we took it to the dump in only two loads.  Job Done!!

Also I helped husband with the garden and again after two hours mowing and dead-heading the flowers and trimming the lawn edges this is the result – husband now relaxing in the autumn sunshine.

garden aug 31st 2018

Well that’s all for this blog.

Going to sit and sew now.



Friday for starters



Hello everyone, I know that I only normally post on a Sunday but I thought things needed shaking up a little.  Well above image shows some new projects that I will hopefully start shortly.  They are all a bit wordy but that’s what I fancy at the moment.

bookmark projects

I’ve also got a handful of bookmarks to start, maybe they are projects to do at work during my lunch breaks.

or perhaps start on some Christmas things.  (it’s too hot at the moment to start thinking about Christmas, I know!!!!!!)

These are all free patterns/images from Crazy Cross Stitch magazine.  They look fun and that is what really matters.

And last but not least an update on Lady Greensleeves

greensleeves 2

Jan 18



Aug 18

Slow but steady progress

That’s all for now




Framed stitchwork


Good Morning Everyone,

As you can see I have been busy finishing several cross-stitch pieces.  I take the finished pieces to the picture framers who are always generous with their compliments and help me select the best mounts and frames to set off the stitchwork – so a huge shout out for “The Picture Framer” , Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

Here they are individually,  laid out on a white towel.

ballet dancer

Apologies for the reflections!!!  I stitched this during several lunch breaks at work.

Next the Peacock

peacock framed

This is stitched on linen, took longer and more concentration than aida fabric, but the colours are so beautiful.  The frame is a sage green with a bronzed effect, which matches in with the sage green in the design.  I hope you agree that it doesn’t detract from the vibrant colours of the peacock itself.

The Ballet Dancer and the Peacock are not my design – just to be clear on that matter – but the stitch work is all mine.

Next, my image of Hetty

hetty framed


I love this!!  I am very proud of my attempt to capture my bird’s personality.  I converted the photo into a cross stitch design and purchased all the DMC threads that were required.  Again the frame is sage green with a bronzed effect and doesn’t take away the beautiful colours of my Meyer’s Parrot. (By the way Hetty approves it greatly by bobbing up and down – only bird owners will know what I mean).

Well still working on Lady Greensleeves,

Let me know which is your favourite.

pip pip cheerio for now




Having fun with mum and Tweety Pie?

hettyand tweety 3

As you can see we have an imposter, doesn’t he know that 3 is a crowd.

Look at his pleading look, mum is not falling for his tricks.

I’m far more colourful.


hetty and tweety 1

I won – got kiss for being a good patient bird.

Hetty 1 – Tweety Pie 0

Rest time now – it’s really hot again today 28 degrees C

Another Fun Sunday

hetty on her own

Hi Hetty here – it’s been another day – and I’ve just spent quite a time studying the other native birds in our garden.  The pidgeon called Sherman (by my human – she likes to name the familiar birds) scoffed all the food in the bowl, the robin (called Mr Robin – how original!),  bobbed about but couldn’t get a look in, the blackbird (Mr Scuttlebug)  squawked a lot and the sparrow made enough noise for all of us.  I just quietly observed the antics from my cage.

There was noise from the little and large planes and a helicopter flying about – they frighten me.  Luckily my human was on hand to scratch my head and assure me it was alright.

Ah!! the peace of the countryside.

Mr M came and joined us after the football had finished.  That’s why it is quiet – the male species are watching the footie (and some females).

They’ve got it wrong – balls are for chewing not kicking – well that’s my take on it – but I’m only a Bird.


Peck Peck x


Sunny Sunday again


Hi its Hetty again – and I am sitting in my favourite spot stealing kisses from my human mum.  Do you like the second image – me sitting amongst the daisies.  Its very arty don’t you think?

Mummy has a bad headache so I am being very quiet – unusual for a parrot I know, but I can sense she is not well and wants some peace.

Bye for now.