Mish-mash Sunday post

Hi everyone

I know it probably isn’t even a word but hey-ho it sums up this post which is mainly pictures anyway.

Firstly a “hello” from Hetty – been a bit quiet lately as it is molten season and she can be a bit hormonal and biting me.

Secondly – the garden is looking so lovely so I took new pictures of both back and front gardens

Front ……


perfect for an afternoon cuppa!

with the smell of scented roses – ahhh!!!


watching the bees – so relaxing.

Back Garden….

And here are some nuts……

baby acorns and hazel nuts off the twisted hazel tree/shrub.

And now for sewing …

Audrey and a border start to my seasonal quilt.

The end


Fledglings …

Hi Everybody

The robins had fledged and I have just taken a photo of their nest – it’s intriguing how the nest is constructed – isn’t nature wonderful.

robins nest

So far this year we have two sets of blackbirds reared their young – the first had three babies and the second had two babies; the robin (second try) her first nest was disturbed by a cat and she fled the nest leaving four beautiful sky blue eggs.  Bluetits have ignored our three boxes – not sure why!  The ring necked doves made a nest in the leylandii hedge but something disturbed them and the two eggs fell on the floor.  I think it was a magpie in this instance.

My husband has made a rod for his own back, as they say – he coaxed the blackbird and ring necked dove to feed from a dog bowl with a variety of food in it on the back door step.  Cheekily the other day we sat up the garden with the back door open only to watch the dove walk quite determinedly towards the door (the food bowl was up the garden near to us by the way) and into our house, strutted around the dining chairs and then back out again.  Anyone would think he owned the place!  Luckily he didn’t leave a calling card.  Not to be outdone – the Robin gave it a try as well.

Here is the hardworking blackbird.

That’s all for now.



Small flowers & big bloomers …….

Hi Everybody

Do you like a double entendre, I do as you probably can tell!

Well to put every-body’s mind at rest I’m talking flowers.  Here are some more pictures of flowers from the small to the large.


In order of appearance: Jasmine at the top – smells divine, then Lobelia, Patio Dahlia – just opened this morning, African Marigold in Vanilla – husbands favourite, and finally Double Begonia.

On the subject of the Double Begonia does anybody know why you sometimes get a single flower instead of a double?? Should we remove the single head? See Below Pic.

2 flowers

On a different subject, we have just visited a local garden centre because I wanted to plant a miniature herb garden in the pot where the pansies had been seeing out their days, so to speak.  They were now leggy and shattering.  I’ve purchased sage, thyme, curly leaf parsley, chives and rosemary.  The rosemary has been planted in the garden where it can flourish better.  I don’t have a picture but am very pleased that I can now add fresh herbs to salads etc.

Also, below is a picture which captures a new growth – another baby/sapling English Oak Tree. yaahh!  I have now transplanted it to a pot and put it beside the mother tree.   (The mother tree is in fact an acorn from Kings Walden Estate which a friend gifted me – maybe even the Domesday Oak which dates back to the reign of William the Conqueror).  I can wish he! he!

grasses and oak sapling

I also love the little purple flowers that this black grass produces.  I like grasses – does anyone else?  As you can see we also have some blue grass.

Well that is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by




Fabulous flowers …… and sewing

Hi Everybody

Summer Sun is glorious.

Well the garden is coming on in leaps and bounds – everything is bursting into bloom.  Yellow Roses, with their heavenly sent as you approach the house.  Yellow Jasmine oozing a perfume where we sit in the chairs.  Oh it is so lovely.  My heart goes out to those who have suffered flooding from our unpredictable weather.

yellow roses 2019

Here are some pictures …..

I cannot take credit for how the lawn looks that is my husband’s pride and joy, he also trims all the hedges and feeds the plants.  He is retired and it keeps him out of mischief!!

Meanwhile I have been busy sewing – making good progress with my Seasonal Graduation Quilt – see below – everything in the colourways has been basted and some have been sewn together.  I changed the blue column with different fabric to a previous post.  I think this works better.  Now for the white infills and black edging.


Season Graduation Quilt 2019

I also have finished another book.  It was quite an easy read – the sort you can read just before bedtime or it would make a great beach read.  Will definitely read some more of her work.


Here is the rear cover – it will give you a synopsis of the book.


Last but not least here is a photo of some new stash – I must stop now!  I should finish some of my projects before buying anything new.  That’s me told, but are not the colours delightful – can not wait to think up the design for this – I have some ideas already – must put pencil to graph paper.  oh joy!!!!!!

New Stash - little forest creatures

Well that is all for now – hope you all have a lovely weekend.





Sewing Sunday

Hi everybody

Despite the warm weather and the desire to be outside I have managed to do a little sewing mainly during my dinner hour at work (patchwork hexagons) and in the evenings sewing Audrey.

So this is what I have achieved:

Audrey circa 22nd June and now at the end of June.

Here is the patchwork I have sewn at work

Part of my Seasonal Graduation Quilt.  Hand sewing the pieces is quite therapeutic I find.  So I now have 3 spring green, 1 summer orange and 1 autumn beige hexagons completed.

No more knitting done and Lady Greensleeves is having a rest.

Well that’s all for now



Roses are Red, and Yellow flowers too …

Hi everybody

It is a glorious day, the sun has warmed everywhere up and all things are bright and beautiful.  With that in mind and without further ado I will allow you to be smiled upon by nature.

Are these not gorgeous and there are so many heads on one stem it looks like a ready made bouquet.

Two more roses – patio gone wild

This pink rose has decided to flower so we cannot view them from the garden – they are shy – and face the maple tree trunk.  Does anyone know why the Maple tree trunk actually split and then heeled up?  The other rose is small but perfectly formed.

Yellow will not be outdone and can you not smile at this bright miniature sunflower …..

sunflower 2019

The begonia also try to hide but I have coaxed them out

begonia 2019

Finally some foliage shots – my Pieris though a few months out has finally sprouted loads of new red shoots

And finally the mighty Oak tree with little acorns forming …..

Oak tree june 2019

Such a gorgeous contrast between the two colours in the photo above.

Well, hope it made you smile.

See ya soon!




On the Sewing Front


Developments have happened – I find that I really, really enjoy sewing the Graduated Seasons Quilt by hand.  I know it is my first attempt but I love it and it seems to come together quite quickly.  I have done 3 hexagons in shades of green (Spring) and started on the shades of yellow/orange (Summer).  See below ……

Graduated hexagons 3 done

Will the novelty wear off?

Also, I have continued to sew Audrey

Here is where I was at ……

Friday 14th June 2019

and here is my progress

22nd June 2019

That’s all folks!




Blooming lovely!!!!

Hi everybody

Summer Solstice Day has gone and the garden has recently blossomed – been a bit wet and windy lately but today Saturday is gorgeous and you can see the plants have enjoyed the rain and now want to dance in the sun.

Here are some photos …….

I love the photo of the roses – they grow like two large bouquets and they smell heavenly.

My Pieris Forest Flame is late developing new red shoots but the Oak Tree has survived it’s move up the garden a little bit.  It does have small acorns appearing.  I love the contrast between the green and blue in the photo.

Hope your garden is blooming lovely as well

Bye for now


Hand Sewing

Hi Everybody

Isn’t it strange how the weather affects our moods so much.  A rainy week makes us miserable  and as soon as the sun comes out your mood brightens up.  (I know there is some scientific reasons but we will not go there.)

On to sewing and new adventures……. I am starting a new project the Graduated Hexies Quilt.  I know I have plenty of other projects started but this is just me.  It is how I work juggling lots of balls and dropping plenty.  I digress …….  I have just sewn together by hand – not machine – my first hexagon 2″ size.

I’m not sure how everybody else does their sewing together – I  used Ladder Stitch but do you use Whipstitch or Flat Back stitch?

This is my picture of the project……….

The idea is Spring, Summer, Autumn and I’ve just received some blue fabric so here is what the Winter will look like when cut and sewn ….

This is all a very big learning curve and are not the tutorials on the web brilliant!

Well hope you enjoyed this and if you have any ideas or advice it is very welcome.






Here’s to slow progress

Hi Everybody

Not an overly productive week, just a bit of stitching on Lady Greensleeves and Audrey.

Have not touched the patchwork this week, but I have received the Stonehenge fabric – it was worth the wait.  I’ll photograph it on a another blog.

Here’s my progress with Lady Greensleeves

May 25th 2019

27th May 2019


Friday 14th June 2019

And Audrey

audrey with eye


Friday 14th June 2019


See you again soon and thanks for stopping by.