Banners and Buntings

Hi everybody,

I purchased some blank sewing boards which you make into banners/bunting in my Christmas Stash and have several ideas for them, but not settled on any particular one as yet.

banners and bunting

  1.  Blackwork letters
  2. Tatty Teddy designs
  3. Animals
  4. Floral Alphabet
  5. Goldwork (not tried this yet) Letters
  6. Christmas designs

Or I could do a combination of above, we will just have to wait and see.

That is all for now

Toodle Pip


Christmas stash

Hi everyone!

Well, braving a new beginning I decided to buy some Christmas stock which I shall start stitching soon (I know Christmas has only just passed but it is never too early to start stitching for the year ahead).  Some are small projects which I can stitch at work, others are larger and different to things I have stitched before.

I have also purchased some projects that require beading as well as cross stitching – some Christmas tree hanging ornaments and something non Christmassy – a star sign for my husband and myself.  So that should be intriguing!!

I don’t know where I intend to find all the time for this – but heyho!  If I do then I shall be someway to completing one of my goals.

Bye for now



Dachshund called Chestnut

Hi everybody,

Below is the update on the Christmas Dachshund that I have been stitching, he is beginning to look really cute and yes I have named him. (Secretly wish he was real).

This is how he looked on the 21st December 2018,

christmas dachshund 6

and this is how he looks now.


There is still some way to go as I haven’t done any backstitching yet and the scarf needs fringing.  What a handsome chappie he is going to be.



Wednesday W.I.P.

Well I have been busy stitching over Christmas when I wasn’t working and have progressed with both the Christmas Dachshund and Lady Greensleeves.

Ledy Greensleeves Dec-18

lady greensleeves jan 2019

Sorry about dark picture.

Also I have my first finish, it’s only small but it is a finish.  A Barn Owl coaster,

little barn owl coaster

Cute isn’t it!  Little friends coaster kit  –  details are designed and produced by Heritage Crafts, and you can also get a penguin, a puffin and a little duckling.  I may just get them all.

Happy sewing in 2019 everyone.



Happy New Year – 2019

Hetty here

Well things have got off to a really good start – one week in and one toy destroyed already – see below:

Before ….  2nd item from top Bark ‘n’ Beak

Hetty's presents

After ……….

hetty's destruction

What a shredding machine I am. he! he!

My human mummy must be pleased with my efforts as she has just treated me to 3 walnuts which I love.



peck peck

Happy New Year 2019!

19 goals for 2019

Hello everybody and a Happy New Year to you all!

It feels like 2018 went by so fast.  I’m sure it didn’t – maybe I was enjoying life so much that I didn’t notice the minutes, months disappearing for the year.  Maybe I was busy and time flies by when you are busy, does it not?

This New Year is going to be different – I will take note of more things, however small or large.  Well I have decided to give myself some goals for 2019.  This is not something I normally do – so no pressure there – but I feel inspired to proceed with this idea and see how much I actually achieve this year.

  1. Read 19 books – I like reading – in fact I am a bookworm. There are other things to be called in life but I am happy with “bookworm”.
  2. 19 Sewing projects – this might be achievable or it might not. I am not going to be too hard on myself if this goal isn’t reached.
  3. Learn something new – Maybe learn Latin (not because it can be useful but for fun)Maybe learn to crochet – Maybe take up Archaeology again – Maybe learn photography. I like taking pictures. – Maybe learn to draw and paint better.          One or all of these might be taken up.  Stay tuned …..
  4. To not spend too much money on clothes. I am quite bad at this (I may fail gasp!!!!!)
  5. To eat more vegetables – I am fairly good at this already so one of the easy goals I think.
  6. To write to my penpals more regularly.
  7. To create something and sell it for charity. To give something back.
  8. To watch 19 DVD’s or Movies.
  9. To finish my first novel – I have written a novel but it needs improving.
  10. To write poetry – a small book of 19 poems about everything.
  11. To laugh more!
  12. To play my saxophone and trumpet more
  13. To try and learn the Ukelele – I struggle with the strumming (i.e musical instrument in No. 12 normally play the melody note for note – not so with strumming.)
  14. To learn Pilates and deep breathing techniques.

Goals will also be desires

  1. Visit National Trust houses or English Heritage Sites
  2. Visit the V & A museum, National history museum, etc
  3. Visit an art gallery
  4. Go on a long walk (depends on health)
  5. Go to local craft fairs more.

I feel stressed already – it was hard to think of 19 different things.

I promise myself not to beat myself up about my failings.







Hetty at Christmas


Whose that on Mummy?  This is my spot ……. ahh cuddles and kisses – I’m still her favourite bird!  I did hear rumours about a Dachshund but nothing came to fruition apart from this jumper and another red one.  Mummy doesn’t seem too upset, well I can cheer her up if she is.

I received quite a few gifts – see below

christmas present hetty

From this ……. to this

Hetty's presents

(I still support the local pet store by buying a few toys etc., but also make toys and renewing the ones that Hetty has shredded.  Walnuts are Hetty’s favourites.)

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful time!

New Year here we come ……


peck peck


Secret Santa

This was my Secret Santa present, I was so pleased.  I have added it to my pile of things to stitch.

Christmas Secret Santa


Also I do not think that I will be able to finish The Christmas Dachshund before the 25th, but will definitely have it on display next year.  Here is my progress so far.

Christmas Dachshund 6


Susan and Hettychristmas wishes 1


Sunday special

Hi everyone Hetty  here!

Well I have been quiet lately on the blog front – mainly because I have been curious as to what my human mummy has been up to.  Bright coloured paper which she wraps around boxes etc.  Then playing songs about Christmas ……. aaahaaa – that is what it is.  I wonder which one or two or three are mine.

christmas present hetty

This stocking filled with goodies is mine – yes!

And mummy put up this tree with my “bauble” on it.


I’m scared of the tree and what’s with all the penguins in funny hats?

I’m still favourite – head scratching from mummy are best.

Merry Christmas to you all


peck peck