Hetty’s Birdy Bytes

Hello Everybirdybody,

What can I say – I had the unexpected pleasure of the company of my human mummy for an extra 4 days though to be fair she was in her bed in the other room – I squawked for her but she didn’t come to me so I was quiet as she must be ill.

However, she had promised me another cage revamp as I make quite a mess what with my shredding habit, destroying the toys she provides for my amusement.  So here are the samples she has created with the intention of removing the snuggly that I haven’t taken too.  (Other birds love them – she protests)

revamped toys sept

cage sept 2019 before

Hetty has wrecked the mirror and pulled the bell off the bottom (vandal)

Doesn’t like the green snuggly – never been in it.

So  – new swing toy with chewable parts which I have added as she destroyed the original parts.  Two newly revamped wooden toys with bells on (wooden parts from Northern Parrots).  They will not last long!! He! He!

Oh dear – after all her kindness I am in her bad books – whilst snuggling I got moody and pecked her fingers quite harshly –  don’t know why just did.

Preening myself quietly.  Bad Bird!!



September in the Garden

Hi all

The garden is still looking pretty but things are beginning to turn autumnal (I like that word).  The burnished leaves of the Maple Tree start to turn coppery colours.  I was wondering does anybody know whether you can get the sap out of the tree that is actually maple syrup??  I’m sure I saw someone drill a hole in a tree and hang a container downwards to collect the syrup on a TV programme a long time ago.

The patio Sunflower has produced smaller and smaller flowers and the leaves are slowly dying.  The dahlias are still standing tall and one stands out from the rest


Proud to be different!!!!!!!

The insect life and bird life are still thriving though.  The Ring Necked Dove’s have made a nest in our cherry tree and yesterday I managed to get a photo of the little baby – he is just at the front of his parents breast and I think the half of eggshell is to the right of her.  Didn’t want to get to close.

baby dove 1

By the way, I have names prepared.  As I call the doves Romeo and Juliet, I have decided on Leonora for a girl and Federico for a boy. (Mad woman I hear you say).  This pair had a boy last year which I called Martino.  I only know the sex when they have grown as the females have a smaller head and less markings.

Also we had a visit from this little Red Darter Dragonfly, pictures do not do it justice, which I think is a male.  It seemed to keep darting at the lawn which is probably where it gets the name from.

dragonfly 1

(t is cleverly disguised is it not.  Just off centre head facing north easterly.)  Wings not visible.  About 2 1/2″ long.

dragonfly 2

That is all for now, thanks for reading



Sunday Sewing

Hi Everybody

I am feeling much better and on the sewing front I achieved some sewing on Audrey and completed the blue hexagon which is to be part of my Scrappy Mother Nature Quilt.

Here is where I was at on the 1st September ……

1st Sept 2019

Here is where  I am now on 15th September

15th Sept 2019

I was trying to find some inspiration of how to border my hexagonal Seasonal Quilt and have ordered some more white hexagons and some plain solids in the four colours that make up the central part of the quilt, with a mind to placing one colour in between white ones down each side of quilt and making a pinwheel design in the colours at the corners. Hopefully, it will not detract from the original design, we will have to wait and see.

Well that is all for this post, take a look at the other posts from today for Hetty and the Garden.





The week that wasn’t!!!

Hi everyone,

That probably sounds more cheerful than I have felt all week as I had a blinder of a migraine.  Sparing you the details – laid up in bed for 2 whole days, then just resting for 2 days – feels like I loose hours of my life.

Anyway enough of that, as I slowly got better (Friday), I managed to create some more hand sewn patchwork for my scrappy quilt which I have now decided to lay out in a  “?”  shape and entitle it as Mother Nature’s Evolution.  Details will follow when my head is in a better space.  Here is what I made …

stars and hexagons

I think I need to look up on how to applique next – also trying to think what backing colour to use – is cream ok?  or maybe light blue?  Too much thought not enough brain power at the moment.

Non sewing stuff – I plucked the Aubergine – so proud it grew – shame to eat it really – but looking forward to home grown vegetable.

aubergine the 1st

Bye for now.



Birthday Books

Hi Everyone

As one of Birthday Gifts was a Book Voucher then Sunday was the perfect day to visit the bookshop.   I seem to be on a roll of reading books about walks and other factors when you are out and about in the countryside.  So here are the books I purchased…..

birthday books

I haven’t read of these authors before – has anybody read these books?  I am sure that I saw a tiny snatch of Simon Reeve on the television but didn’t watch the programme.  They are added to my pile and I will plough my way through them.

What are you reading at the moment?  What do you do with books you have read but are not intending to keep.? I know some are cherished and will be re-read so many times that the corners become dog-eared, whilst others are discarded in some way.  Do schools want books for pleasure reading?  Do retirement homes need books – do they have libraries?  Our second hand bookshop in town has gone now so I need to find another outlet for my not so cherished books.  Any ideas?  I do not even think there is a second-hand book stall on the market.

Another question – are you a turn down corner of the page reader or do you always use a book-mark?  I confess to doing both.

Well that’s all for now – see you again at the weekend as I am at work all week.




Sunday September Sewing

Hi Everybody

As you may be aware I have been off work having a staycation which has enabled me to progress with my many sewing projects.  In a previous post I showed you my Seasonal Quilt top which is finished apart from borders, but I have also been working on my Scrappy Quilt and have partially sewn the blue hexagon …..

blue hexagon almost complete

As you can see it is sewn around the hexagons and diamonds but not the half hexagons.  It was very  tricky to get the points correct but I am quite pleased with it.  I am learning so much.  I have several hexagons ready and some squares but no idea at present how it will all come together – exciting!  I’m not even sure what background colour to use as there is so much colour in the various blocks.  Choices, choices!!!

I have also been busy with Audrey and her dress is coming along nicely so hopefully next Sunday I will have decent progress to show you .

Happy sewing everyone and bye for now



Seasonal Quilt & Hetty

Hi Everybody

Well it has been quite peaceful after the helicopter incident and I have made good progress with my Seasonal Quilt top, in fact I have completed the central piece and just have to start on the borders.

finished 2

I am very pleased with how it looks but it is smaller than I thought in total.

As I have been off this week and no great plans in store I have played more with Hetty and we had a lovely snuggly time

3rd Sept 2019

and she enjoyed playing on the remodelled toy I put in her cage to shred.

hetty playing

Have a lovely rest of week and I will see you again on Sunday.


Birthday outing

Hi Everybody

Well you might be aware that it was my birthday on Sunday and today to celebrate we visited Gunns Bakery( which is celebrating 50 years) in Sandy, Beds where they make the Bedfordshire Clanger – a suet pastry crust filled with a meat or veg. dish at one end and your pudding in the other (I chose Gammon, Potato and Onion and Roasted Apple  – which was the traditional one – and my husband had Beef steak and Potato with Rhubarb and Custard).  They were smaller than I thought but so so tasty.  Definitely recommend a visit if you are down this way anytime.  Mr Gunn personally served us and he was so polite and attentive and we had a little chat with him only to find out that his wife originated from the village where we live.  Such a small world.

Settling down back at home, my husband was trying to have a rest and I was attempting to sew my quilt when a helicopter appeared and landed in the field at the rear of our garden.  Now it was very strange because the field had been left fallow for a few years – I mean the grass was 4ft high at least and the owner yesterday and this morning flattened it down and removed any small shrub that had took up residence.  Then this afternoon this happened – now I don’t know whether it was serious or whether it was training (must watch local news tonight).


The crew got out – took of helmets, leaving them on the ground and loaded their packs on backs and walked down the lane at the back of our property.  It all looked very official and real.  Yes it was the East Anglian Air Ambulance



A little while later the pilots got out (sadly not Prince William) and walked down the lane.

Ten minutes passed – pilots returned but not rest of crew –  started helicopter up and left amidst tremendous noise and dust/grass everywhere.





Hoping it wasn’t anything too serious.

Well that is my excitement for the day.  What have you been up to?





Birthday wishes and sewing

Hi Everybody

Today is my Birthday and what a glorious sunny day it is (well in Bedfordshire it is).


This  is part of my present from my husband, as seen in a previous post he bought me some boots and one day this week, as I am not at work, we are visiting Gunns Bakery to sample a Bedfordshire Clanger.  For those who do not know what I mean it is basically a pie with a meat or vegetable filling in one end and your pudding in the other.  Traditionally a food that farm workers would have and very similar to a Cornish Pasty.

On the sewing front, I have half sewn the white border between the Autumn and Winter Seasonal Quilt (no picture) and have been sewing Audrey in the evenings.

This is where I was …….

August 25th 2019

and this is where I am now ……


Well that is all my news so far this week – I’m sure that I will proceed with vigour and determination in my time off work.  Hopefully will also have more time to read and drink tea.

Bye for now



Hello Everyone

It has been a little warm for concentrating, but I have managed to finish the Pirate Quilt top which I am quite chuffed about as I kept forgetting about various seam allowances with the various shapes involved in this quilt.  It is not perfect but I am happy with it in general.  Now all I have to do is sandwich it all together and quilt it.  I will be quilting it through ditching as I am new to this and that seemed easiest.


Here are some closer images


the centre piece


top corner.

It needs an iron.  What do you think? and any tips on pinning or laying out?