Sunday Sew-In December

Hello Everybody

Well the week has been very irregular, the weather has turned particularly cold and we have icy winds forecast, dinner dates – well brunch dates and birthdays all happened at once.  I have managed to stay on top of things – cards are written and posted, Christmas tree is up and the lovely husband has put the lights on the cherry tree in the back garden, and I have wrapped and despatched various Christmas Presents.  On top of that I am due to work extra days at the paid job due to having time off for the boiler being installed.

It is quite a relief to sit down and do some sewing – I have made more progress on the quilt which is displayed on other posts with reference to the SAL and HQAL groups.

I have also managed to make good progress on the Dreamcatcher cross stitch that I started in Oct/Nov time.

This is where I was ……..

new feather stitching

And this is where I am now ……..

dreamcatcher 2 Dec 2019

The colours have not shown up particularly well, there are greens, aquas, blues and purple with hints of golden yellow.  Not sure if it will be finished by Christmas.

That is all for now, I hope everyone else is getting prepared for the celebrations.



HQAL – 1st December 2019

Hi everybody,

I have made small progress this time, just a little of the corner border sewn together and some of the individual pieces sewn together to create the border on the top and bottom of the quilt.  So eventually or should that be “Sew Eventually”, it will look like the mock up picture below;

quilt corner and end new

And of course I am sewing lots and lots of white hexagons and edging half hexagons.

Please pop along to the other members of our group to view their individual projects.

If you feel like joining our group please contact Kathy (1st name in list below).

Kathy, MargaretEmmaTracyDeb, Susan,  Nanette,  EdithSharonKarrinGretchen, Kathi,  Bella, Daisy and Connie



SAL update – November 2019

Hello everybody

It has been a different, cold, week and our boiler needed replacing – so no heat on the coldest night we have had so far.  What can you do?  ……….

Sit in my room sewing the quilt and I  have made good progress.  The winter end is sewn onto the main body of the quilt with the new colour way added.  I have also sewn together some of the top border block but it is not attached to the main quilt yet and of course I am still sewing white hexagons. (I’m also trying to pacify my parrot what with all the drilling and banging.)

So here are the updated photos of where I am so far.

quilt corner and end new

winter end sewn on

quilt bits

Well that is my progress, why not pop along to the other members projects to see how they have progressed.

If you wish to join our little sewing group please contact Avis (1st name in the list below).  This sewing group allows you to progress at your own speed on your own project, so no pressure.

Thank you for reading.


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Sewing Sunday

Hi Everybody

Another busy week passes by – my how time flies.

I have been busy sewing hexagons for my Seasonal Quilt in both white and the new colourway I post a few weeks back.

I have also started stitching on the new dream catcher design that I posted about in May this year.

dreamcatcher with beads


This is how I started ……….

feather May 25th 2019

and this is the little advancement I have made.

new feather stitching

Well that is all for this post………see you again soon.






























































































































































































Sombre Sunday


Today is a day of remembrance and sorrow, not only for those who fought and died for us today but also for people who are victims of our weather.  My heart goes out to all.

I hope that none of my fellow seamstresses are caught up in the recent floods.

Mother Nature is certainly a force to contend with.  Whilst we find beauty there is also drama and these disasters are becoming all too common.





HQAL update ….

Hello and Good Morning

I am a new member to this group so here is a little about me and my project.  Formerly I only ventured into cross stitch and tapestry but I decided to have a go at patchwork and quilting.  I started off with machine stitched squares and what has become my Bee Quilt

which as you can see also incorporates a cross stitch of a bee on lavender (not my design) which is actually removable if the quilt needs to be washed.

Next I thought I would try hand stitching some hexagons and I was hooked – it is so absorbing and satisfying.  So here is my project that I am working on at the moment – I called it My Seasonal Quilt.


This is not all sewn together, just laid out for photo shoot.

nearly complete border

So this was my initial layout of the borders to the central piece, but I kept feeling that there was too much white.  So whilst browsing the internet I came across the following and immediately decided that I would include it in the border design.

new border pieces

It will be following the original border layout, so eight dotted along the top and bottom and eight sewn in a strip alongside the blue and yellow strips separated by a white strip

border piece blue

Hopefully that is the final amendment.

Well that is all for this post, please pop along to the other members to see how they are faring with their individual projects.  If you would like to join this HQAL group please contact Kathy for details. (1st name in list below)
Kathy, MargaretEmmaTracyDeb, Susan,  Nanette,  EdithSharonKarrinGretchen, Kathi,  Bella, Daisy and Connie



Friday Fun

Hi everybody,

It is the end of another week and it has been another busy one.  I have achieved quite a lot on the Longstitch as it builds up quickly.  Take a peek …..

This is where I  was on the 1st Nov. 2019longstitch 1

and this is where I am now 8th Nov. 2019

longstitch 2

This is the first of a set of four and they are quite fun to sew and the results are quicker.

Also we had reason to go up into the loft ref. plumbing things and decided to get the Christmas Tree and decorations down.  Also I grabbed the quilt and cushions that I had designed, almost 20 years ago now, but which my mother was the seamstress.  The cushions were made by my mother as extras, the rest I sat and designed and chose the fabric.  It looks quite Christmassy as well although that wasn’t the intention.  It was made for my single bed in my old house.

quilt i designed

quilt pillows

Well that is all for now – hope you all have a lovely weekend.


Hetty on Sunday

Well hello everybody

Long time on see.  As you might have guessed this  is Hetty the adorable  Meyer’s Parrot of Daisy with whom you communicate (that is a long word for a little birdy like me) about sewing.

I have been a very good bird these past two weeks but mummy has been busy sewing and visiting her step daughter and husband.  Also I think she is rather concerned with her husband (who comes to play with me during the week when mummy is at work), who is not feeling too clever these past two months.  I didn’t like the fireworks last night too loud and went on too long.  I girl has got to have her beauty sleep don’t you agree?

However, today I am out receiving lots of head scratching and cuddles from mummy

Sunday 2nd Nov 2019

Sunday 2nd Nov 2019 1

and I had a lovely time flying around. 

Life is great as a parrot.

Well that is all for now, I am going to watch mummy fix one of my toys.

Love and pecks




SAL Update – Cornered

Hi Everybody

Well I have made fair progress on my patchwork quilt.  I have sewn all the corner pieces and the borders are prepared and half of the spring border is attached to the main body.  The photos will demonstrate better.  It is quite nice sewing this quilt now the colder weather has set in.  Sorry the photos are a little blurry.

corner 4

These are my four corners.

This is a rough layout of how it will look, obviously I need to make some more white hexagons and some edging shapes.   The half green border is now attached and the other half is all sewn together ready to be attached.

border - spring

That is it for this SAL post, now pop along to the other members who are all stitching their own individual projects.

If you want to join then just contact Avis  – the first name in the link below.

Happy sewing everyone.

Friday Finish

Good Morning/Evening Everybody

Yippee!!  I have finished Audrey and even if I say so myself she is a beauty, take a look …..

audrey finished

Aside from my American Indian Chief, this is my favourite piece that I have cross stitched.  All credit to Lanarte Classic Collection for giving me the opportunity.

I was wondering whether anybody knows of a cross stitch pattern for either “The Duke – John Wayne” or Sophia Loren.

I have also started something new – this time a long-stitch from Bothy Threads.  I have four of these Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.  They are much quicker to do.

longstitch 1

Well that is all for this post, thanks for reading from a very happy