SAL- 26th June 2022

Hello everybody,

I have made good use of the extra hours you get sewing as the sun shines. These three weeks and indeed the whole year so far has flown by.

However, this is where I was last time,

This is where I am now,

We are a sewing group who work on individual projects and every three weeks we post our progress, so why grab a cuppa and peruse the links below to see how we have all fared these past three weeks.

Bye for now


HQAL – Sunday 12th June 22

Hello Everyone

I have been a busy bee these past three weeks – real determination to get on with things. As you will see in the before and after photos I have been working on both sections of the quilt. Firstly, I was disappointed with the stage section so unpicked and awaited the arrival of some Gutermann Sew All Thread in Black that I had ordered. The middle section got my attention whilst this was happening and I sewed another side piece in the red to the dance floor and prepped some more squares for the top section of this block. Also prepped and sewn together were some ivory squares.

This is where I was before

So lots of little squares!!!!

Well that is me so why not take a view of the other members blogs and see there progress on individual projects.



This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

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Fabric Friday Frolics

I’ve had a “me” day today, and have filled my time so far with preparing a new project – part of the long stitch project – Summer. This should stitch up quite quickly.

Secondly I started to cut up the parrot design for the “I Love Parrots” quilt and have decided that I need some different fabric to go with it – possibly some batiks – so that has ground to a halt. This will a very brightly coloured quilt.

Thirdly, I put some stitches into my HQAL project – more of that on Sunday.

Fourthly, I stitched another round onto “Ring a Roses” quilt (goes back a little bit – UFO status I think) but hey! I put some work in on it.

Last but not least, I stitched 2 more blocks for my “Gail Pan Honey Bee Quilt”, I really love this design.

Well that is all, thanks for viewing.

Daisy x

SAL – Sunday 5th June 2022

Hello everybody

I have been busy sewing lots of different projects and have made fair progress with “Fruits of Plenty” by Jacob de Graaf of Modern Folk Embroidery. So without further ado here is where I was last time ……..

And here is where I am now

I’m so glad that I chose to work in shades of Purple and whilst it looks intricate in some areas it is quite quick to sew, not having all the colour changes as in some projects.

So that is me for this week, hope you enjoy any celebrations that you might be involved in this Jubilee weekend.

Please take time to look at the other projects in our sewing group by clicking on the names below.




Half Yearly Round-Up 2022

Hello Everyone

Well the year has flown by and we are in full swing with celebrating our Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. (I hope she can feel the love and respect we have for her).

As the title of this post suggests I am going to review my progress as such and see what needs my attention. If you remember I posted about various projects and their status at the end of last year (Post called Round Up 2021 ) and below is a reminder with their current status highlighted in Bold Itallic.

I eventually received my “STITCH” fabric which was delayed because of the pandemic, transport etc etc! So that is awaiting a start as well.

I have made a list of all the quilts that are awaiting being cut up ready to patchwork, prepped ready to start and awaiting quilting.

Material bought but not cut up

Bee Hive Quilt – cut up and started to sew together

Stonehenge Quilt – not started

Flower/Season Quilt – not started

Bear Quilt – not started

Forest Creatures Quilt – not started

Angel Quilt – not started

Cowboy Quilt – (Nashville Quilt) – cut, pieced and sewn together 2/3rd’s almost completed.

Parrot Heart Quilt – not started

Quilts in the process of being made

Seaside Quilt – started – no more progress

Stag Quilt – started – some more blocks completed and sewn together

Sewing Quilt – cut up ready to start

Christmas Quilt – started – 2 more blocks made

Rose Window Quilt – started – no more progress

Hearts in a Square Dance – started – no more progress

Ring-A-Roses Quilt – started – no more progress

Jane Austen – Pride and Prejudice Cross Stitch Quilt – started – centre finished

Quilts awaiting Hand Quilting

Pirate Quilt – started quilting – outside border quilted, rope quilting in process, one corner quilted and centre panel quilted.

Bee on Lavender Quilt – sandwiched and pin basted ready to start quilting

Seasonal Quilt – awaiting quilting – no progress

Jazz Quilt – awaiting quilting – next one to start

Daybreak Lap Quilt – awaiting quilting – quilted, and gifted to my best friend.

Flower Fairy Lap Quilt – awaiting quilting – started and half is now quilted

Snoopy Quilt – quilted awaiting binding

Winnie the Pooh Lap Quilt – not started yet

Safari Quilt – not started yet

Tiled Quilt – awaiting quilting – no progress

On the Cross Stitch front – the same has happened

I have finished “Teacups” cross stitch

WIP – Lady Greensleeves – is now completed

WIP – Sophia Lorenhave started and main face area completed

WIP – Robin Table Runner – no progress

PDF Downloads – Modern Folk Embroidery SAL 2021 – this is downloaded and ready to roll – have started this and completed January and nearly done February

PDF – John Wayne – not started – no progress

No further action on any of the others listed below

Longstitch Designs of Seasonal Flowers – Spring is done.

Seasonal Flower Cross Stitch (Spring, Summer Autumn Winter) none started

Small Projects – some work on Bookmarks

Other Sewing Projects

2 x Cushions completed

Needle Cases

Pin Cushions

Pot of Treats

Well still a long way to go. Must get stitching,

Bye for now

Daisy x

Sewing Saturday

Hi Everybody

Slightly unusual for me but I have achieved quite a bit of sewing recently so an extra blog was due. I am still working on Sophia Loren, mainly during the evenings whilst the television is on. She requires quite a bit of concentration though as colours are similar and the symbols are very close in appearance.

Here is where I was last time …….

Here is where I am now …..

Also been working on my “Memoirs” quilt which I am thoroughly enjoying. Again it is made in the majority with 1 1/2″ squares and a layer cake. And I had just arranged the below layout when the doorbell chimed and the fabric I ordered for the border with the quotation and the backing fabric arrived. Perfect!

OOPs – the stripe blocks are in the wrong places -swap top left for bottom right and top right for bottom left – sorry.

Strangely coincidental this backing is called Memories. Has anyone ever used the type of Aida that you stitch and then soak it away leaving just your handiwork. I think DMC do something called Magicsheet. Time to Google it I think

The other item which has taken up my time is the table coverlet about Sewing. I have been quilting the centre using the spaced lines on the material image and sewed around all the red 1 1/2″ squares (there is that size again). I also intend to sew the outside border in a rib design. I haven’t put any quilting in the orange gingham as it looks too busy.

Not quite sure why it is so wrinkly! Am I doing something wrong? Or does it just need a iron over it?

I have also worked quite diligently on my two SAL projects but that is for another post.

Well that is me for now.

Daisy x

HQAL – Sunday 22nd May 22

Hi Everyone

I have made more little 1 1/2″ squares in cream, black and red this time as the next round on the floor area is a red surround.

So here is where I was last time …..

And here are the red squares awaiting being sewn together …..

I have also sewn some more of the black stage area – quite tiring on the eyes when working with black.

Well that is ll from me so why not pop along to the other members blog space and see how they have progressed these last three weeks.


This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

KathyMargaretDebNanetteSharonKarrinDaisy and Tracy

Thursday Titbits

Hi everyone

I have had a break from garden duties and painting the house (we still have wooden windows), therefore it has been filled with stitching and I have turned my sights to another piece that sits staring at me willing me to pick it up again.

This was originally going to be a cushion but I have changed my mind and made it into a small hanging quilt or a table top cover. I have sewed the 4 corners in place and chosen a backing and used up 2 scraps of batting using herringbone stitch to join them.

Also chosen the cotton to quilt with – Red shade 2230 Aurifil 50 weight and Turquoise shade 2835 Aurifil 50 weight. I am stitching close to the seams in each 1 1/2″ red square in the border area. Also going to stitch a rib design around the edge. Middle section still under consideration.

Well that is me on the sewing front.

Breaking news!

The blackbirds have fledged – 1 disastrously drowned in the pond but other bird okay flown over back hedge. (Resulting in the newt disappearing and all the eggs have been scattered). Sad!

Robins have fledged this morning – such a cute fluff ball. I think there are two but only spotted 1 flying across garden and then guided by parent back to nesting tree.

The Wren was collecting food as well so looks good on that front.

Hetty is 16 years old as of Sunday – Happy Birdday Hetty!!!! I have a new toy but not changed her cage yet.

Bye for now.


SAL – 15th May 2022

Hello Everybody

Those 3 weeks have flown by again but I have managed to sew quite a bit on my Fruits of Plenty by Modern Folk Embroidery. In fact I have completed January section and at the moment I have decided not to sew all the little stars and flower designs – making it look cleaner and more vivid. What do you think? Things may change but that is my decision at the moment. The original design was created with only 2 colours but I have chosen 2 main colours in purple/lilac and then some ascents in black and green. My intention in this second section is to do the crown in black with green gemstones (ie. Emeralds and the two birds in black).

Well this is where I was last time ……

And this is where I am now …….

The only bit I am uncertain about is whether to leave the date as it is or to fill in with black. The same would need to happen with the initials in a later part. Again what do you think?

Well that is me – so why not grab a cuppa and peruse the other members in the the list below to see their progress on their individual projects.


In the Garden ….

Hello Everybody

Well the other day I cleaned out our little pond (which is in fact a old pig trough) and in doing so upset the little frog who promptly left after being disturbed in such a manner. Then the other day I noticed something glinting in the spring sunshine and saw these

Can you see the tiny eggs – I was so pleased. My thinking was frog spawn – can you imagine my delight when this lovely creature was spotted by my husband …. introducing “Norman (or Norma) the newt. (and maybe lots of little newtlets (what are baby newts called?)

Well that is all for now