Mother Nature

How smart and clever Mother Nature is! Through all our dismay and concerns to Blooms!!!!!

Look at the luminosity of the light through this poppy petal.

And this one

The heads are quite huge.

The geraniums below are actually last years which have been in the ground all winter and come through unscathed and have some flower heads forming. They are a blessing in disguise since we were unable to go to the Garden Centre, and it has saved some money.

The rear garden has sprouted shoots for the Dahlias’ and both fushcia plants are sprouting leaves and the Begonias are just starting so with this warm spell we are having everything will blossom.

Cherries are forming on the cherry tree and all the trees – Oak, Canadian Maple tree have leaved up lovely.

The Palm we have growing has three huge flower heads – can not wait for this to blossom. It looks quite spectacular.

Maple tree and French Marigold in small garden
Palm in bud

My husband has busied himself in the garden whilst I have been at work and a nice clean pond was one of his jobs. It is actually an old pigs trough which is painted green (the water is not green).

The only real calamity this year appears to be my Pieris Forest Flame which had it’s new shoots burnt in the early frost and it doesn’t appear to be shooting any new ones. It flowered beautifully and I have given it some food to help but alas nothing as yet.

We also need to sort out the Camellia shrub as I think it needs a larger pot and I am hoping the roots are not broken through the existing one it is in sunk into the ground as they do not like our soil, and need to planted in ericaceous soil.

Well that is the update on my garden so far. How is your garden faring? Have you been to a Garden Centre yet? What plants are your success story?

Bye for now.


PS Just to let you know Hetty is fine.

Sewing Sunday May 2020

Hi Everybody

I have made small progress with anything this week as I recovered from my Migraine attack which paralyses the right hand side of my body.

In no particular order

Tea Cups

Here is where I was last time ……

Here is where I am now. It is going to be quite colourful.

Another block for the Rose Window Quilt is complete

That is all the sewing I have managed.

Hope you are still crafting and not getting too bored or depressed.

Til next time then ….


HQAL – MAY 2020

Hi Everybody

A  warm welcome to Sherrie.  Hope you enjoy sharing your projects with us.   I appear to have missed the HQAL but I have been ill with a severe Hemiplygic Migraine attack which makes me paralysed down my right hand side.  Therefore I am unable to stitch anything.

Please take a peek at other members projects.

Hopefully I will have something to show next time.

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

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SAL – May 2019

Hi Everybody

First, welcome Helen.

Sorry I have been silent recently, but I am still at work, doing my usual job and checking in all the goods that arrive at our store.  It is exhausting work, humping 10 or 5 litre tubs of paint, or heavy boxes.  I will have muscles like Popeye soon.  When I come home all I want is a nice cup of tea and a warm bath to relieve aching muscles.  However, got an extra day off Friday – so relax and breathe.

I am not sure whether I missed a SAL – so sorry if I did.

I have been sewing but have not sewn any more of my Seasonal Quilt, instead choosing to sew the squares for the Rose Window Quilt, as they are easier to pick up and put down as I choose.  Perhaps this weekend I will attach the side borders completing the top border of the Seasonal Quilt and then onto the wadding and backing.

Here are a few more squares I have completed …..



I will try and complete something on my Seasonal Quilt for next SAL.

Meanwhile why not take a peak at the other members’ projects.

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Spring-Summer time to relax

Hi everyone

Hope you are all well and safe.

You may know from previous posts that I am still working, and it has been mega busy.  In appreciation for all our hardwork the Directors gave us a choice of Wine, 4 x Beer Bottles, Chocolates and Flowers.  I received Tulips and Chocolates – husband will eat those.  The tulips are lovely …


I am thoroughly enjoying these three days off.  Here in England we had Friday off for the 75th Anniversary V.E. Day Celebrations which are obviously all low key affairs now.  I raised my Mug of Tea at 3:00pm in remembrance and thankfulness of those who fought for my freedom.

Also today (Saturday) I saw my first Swallow – is it early? or late?  Certainly very warm here today. (23 degrees C.)

The plants in the garden have started to move, and we have just planted up the various patio pots.


pots and plants


We also have some luck with the poppy seeds a kind neighbour gave us last year i think.  Nothing happened last year but this year and both plants have certainly taken root and established themselves.

They are so papery thin – the petals and there are four more heads to come and the plant in the back garden has a head coming too.

Sewing-wise, I have done some more on the Teacups cross stitch.  This is where I was in April …

Teacups April 1

and this is where I am now….. progessing nicely.

cups - may 2020

The other stitchwork has been my Rose window Quilt Blocks of which I now have 32 completed – only another 64 to go then ……

Here are some new ones

That is all folks – take care and stay safe.





SAL – April 19th

Hi everyone

Firstly, welcome to Sherrie, I hope you enjoy our little sewing blogs and I look forward to seeing your progress on your selected projects.

I have managed little sewing these past few weeks due to the fact that I am still at work.  I work in a hardware store supplying the construction industry and it has been absolutely manic.  We have builders who are working at hospitals and doctors surgeries and plumbers doing emergency work and the fire and rescue team keep popping in for essential supplies.

Obviously we are working with minimum staff and therefore, the staff that are still working are covering more than one position in the company.  I have been covering the Goods In area and it is quite manual work, as well as continuing my other work in the office, making me very exhausted, and therefore not inclined to sew of an evening.

I have, however, completed the bottom border being sewn to the main quilt.

Just the side bits to complete and ta dah! it will be finished.  Next the difficult part of pinning together.

That’s me done, now pop along to see the other group member’s projects.

Stay safe everyone.

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.





Easter Wishes and Sewing Sunday

Hi Everybody

Happy Easter and hope you are all well and safe.  As a migraineur and not being particularly religious I do not indulge in chocolate so flowers are my thing!  The chocolates are for my husband.


Easter bunny

Card sent by our daughter Jo and husband.  soooo cute!!

Okay some more cute pictures from internet and Pinterest.

To start I have been busy sewing my teacups cross-stitch and my Rose window Quilt blocks which I can say I am thoroughly enjoying.  I am grateful that I have a past-time which I can enjoy indoors or out in the garden during these troubled times.

Teacups – here is where I was ……


and here is where I am now ……

Teacups April 1

I like how you can see the rippling effect of old fine bone china cups.

These are some new blocks for my Rose Window Quilt

The top squares are now complete the bottom two are in various stages of completion.

It is a beautiful blue sky, sunny day in the eastern part of Britain at the moment, although rain is forecast for this evening, but I think enjoy every moment as it stands, so to speak.

The garden has sprung into life after all the wind and storms.  We had storm damage in that it broke our lovely rhododendron, and a piece of the Pieris Forest Flame.


Well a little photo heavy but light hearted.  Hope some pictures cheered you up and if not here is a little prayer that I discovered on the internet.

parrot prayer

Best Regards



HQAL – April 2020


Firstly I hope everybody is safe and well in this weird world we occupy at the present time.

Sorry i’m a day late with this update, it just slipped my mind, i had prepared the photo’s ready and then just forgot.

Well, i have managed to sew the bottom border to the main body of the quilt, so i was quite pleased with my effort.

This is where i was …..

IMG-3164 (2)

And this is where i am now …..

Bottom border attached

Bottom border closeup


This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

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Sew-in Sunday

Hi everyone

Hope you are all well and keeping safe.  I am not going to talk about the big bad world as we are all living it anyway where ever we are.

Instead I am going to focus on sewing, of which, I have achieved a plenty.  On my SAL I have completed one edge (previous post), but my real focus has been on my “Cup” cross stitch and my Old Rose Window Quilt.  I have cut up loads of pieces ready for making into the squares (it’s the bit I enjoy the most, choosing which materials are going together), and have a variety of squares finished and others in various stages of completion.

Last time I posted these were my calculations:

“Each square measures 6.5 inches, and I have calculated that I will need 8 blocks for the width and 12 blocks for the length.  (for a quilt measuring 52 inches by 78 inches , minus any borders).

That’s 96 blocks  –  I have 14 completed blocks and 15 semi finished.  Wish me luck!!”

Well now i have 23 completed and 10 nearly completed, 5 ready to be sewn together having been tacked to paper templates:

Here are some pictures



1st stage  – pieced and semi-pieced

2nd stage – corners need attaching and finish attaching edges on small squares to octagon pieces.

part made 4

newest material configuration –  all needs sewing together – and finally 17 completed squares.  (Above is 2nd one in from left on top row – sewn together) (2nd one in from left bottom row – corners need attaching)

FullSizeRender (30)

It is going to very colourful.

Also i mentioned the Cups cross stitch

Here is where I was ….

cups - march 2020

and here is where I am now …..


Well that was quite long for me but that’s all for now




SAL – 29th March 2020

Hi Everybody

I hope everybody is safe and well in these uncertain times.

I have made small progress again with my Seasonal quilt, having sewn on a few of the edging parts.

Here is where I was ….


and here is where I am now … last piece of bottom border.

Sorry, bad light i think.

edging strips 2

and these are the side strips

Edging strips March 2020

So not far too the end now.

Please take a look at the projects from the other members of our group.  If you wish to join please contact Avis (1st name in list below).

Take care


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