Sunday starters


Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday, after a little bit of deliberation I have started on a Christmas project.  Mainly because I would like a Dachshund for real but the following will have to do until I retire.  The other option is prepped ready to start sewing so it was a close call, but his eyes just drew me to him.

Christmas Dachshund 1The other option was an image of Audrey Hepburn, can’t wait to start it.  Knowing me, I probably will have all 3 projects (ongoing WIP Lady Greensleeves) on the go at once.

Well not much else has happened so tatty bye!001



Saturday Surprise!

Hi everybody,

Look what  I found at the bottom of my old sewing trunk.  What would we have done without out Ladybird Books?  This book is 46 years old!!!


early sewing tablecloth

I would probably have started this tablecloth when I was 11 – 13 years old.  Perhaps I make an effort to finish it.



Wednesday Whoo Hoo !

Today I have completed 30 years’ service at the company I work for, and I have to say, that I have been very fortunate to move around this company and hold a variety of positions managerial/non-managerial.  I have, in total, been very happy in my work.  I was also fortunate to meet and fall in love with the most wonderful husband  (okay getting slushy now).

This is the bouquet of flowers from the Directors, which I have arranged in a vase

That’s all for now!



Friday finish.

Hello everybody,

Hope you are having a pleasant Friday.  Unbelievable blue sunny sky today after a very wet Thursday.  How bizarre can our weather be!

However, I have a finish – yay!!!  And what a magnificent horse he is.  I have named him Mystery.

Below are the images of the Arabian Horse, before and after images of outlining.

Arabian Horse before outlines





Arabian Horse by Anchor PCE764  copy write J &P Coates Ltd.

Well that’s all my stitching news.  It leaves me with the choice of starting another project – such a hard decision.

Bye for now.





Birdy Bytes – Sunday funtime

Hi everyone, Hetty here!

Just a few lines, then I am going to birdy nap!

Even though everyone is putting the hour back on the clock, time seems to have flown by.  My human has been rushing around all weekend but at last she has time to sit and scratch my head.  Have I told you how much I love my mummy, okay so I said it again.

Mummy is colour co-ordinated with me.  How cute!

Peck! Peck!

Friday fill in …

lady greensleeves 14th oct update

Well just when I thought that I have a long weekend to sit and stitch, I received a phone call to go into work on Saturday morning.  It does feel as though the top part of the above design is taking forever to take shape.  Might be that her dress and cape were a large part of the lower design and therefore quicker to stitch. Aghh! patience.  Below shows a small update.lady greensleeves october 26th

I have been stitching at work on another Blackwork design – Classic Embroidery by Jill Cater-Nixon.  This is Carmen …….. well her dress anyway …..


it is fun to stitch and helps switch the brain off for a little while before going back to figures and computer entry.

Well bye for now.


Birdy bytes – Sunday playtime

Hi Hetty here,

I am surprised today to be given the opportunity to play as I was such a naughty birdy on Wednesday.  (To anyone who hasn’t seen a picture – I bit mummy’s lip very hard).

However, I had to prepare myself for the Sunday Selfie

Preen, manicure and pose ……..


Below is the damaged I done – not proud of myself at all.  I was put on the naughty perch, no swings from daddy, no grapes or other treats until mummy came home from work.  I was so pleased to see her, bobbed up and down stretched wings out like kind of hug and I got my head scratched……forgiven at last!

Bottom lip pierced by Hetty.

Mummy still loves and adores me, I must behave better.

Bye XX

Peck! Peck!

Autumn 2 / Birdy Bytes

Hi everyone,

The sun is now setting on a glorious autumn day and just wanted to share a picture of our garden in spring and autumn.

ruffles rose

This is a rose planted on top of Ruffles (my first bird), who died at 12 years old.  I call it Ruffles Rose, the petals seem to lay neatly together like his feather did.  Sentimental I know.



This is a Canadian Maple Tree which we bought when I was dating my future husband.  I love how the leaves are a burnished red/brown colour fading into green and then in the autumn they glow from glorious yellow to gold and burnished orange.  Leaves are just as interesting as flowers.


beautiful autumn

In the foreground you can see the cherry tree has already been cropped and in the background to the left of the photo you can see the Maple tree beginning to lose its golden leaves.  The chair is made from Hornbeam and came from the garden of Lady Bowes Lyon which my husband acquired when he was working there.  He made the chair himself.  I like to sit lengthways on it, (I just fit – not being very tall) and read a good book with a lovely cup of tea.

It’s not a large garden but it is our little bit of heaven!


Oh by the way Hetty is in my bad books – on Wednesday morning as I was preparing to go to work she managed to bite my lip – very sore now. (Normally I move quickly so she misses if she prepares to strike, which is not very often I must add, but maybe I caught her on a grouchy morning – we all have our bad days)

PS  I have forgiven her and we have shared some nice cuddles.

Got to love them!


autumn sunset

Bye for now


Hi everybody, hope you had a delightful Friday!

We awoke to a full on foggy morning, signifying that Autumn was well and truly here, but as you will see from the photo below it turned into a beautiful sunny autumn day making one feel happy and glad to be outside.  Spring and Autumn are my favourite months.

Well today has been busy, my husband and I decided to bite the bullet and crop our silver birch tree, some bits had gone rotten and it was looking a little battered.  Below is the final result – we had five bags of leaves and branches which we have just taken to the local tip.  (It will grow new leaves – trust me).

tree cropping

The Pyracantha hedge is heavily berried, birds must be saving them for the hard winter ahead.

Satisfied and tired, bye for now.