HQAL – February 2020

Hello Everybody

I hope everyone is well and been kept busy stitching.

I have made fair progress on my Seasonal Quilt and enjoying how it is coming together.

Last time the top border had been added and now I have joined the Autumn Corner to that area making the top section complete apart from the half hexagon pieces

main quilt - autumn corner

Also I have sewed the bottom border together and it just need attaching to the main quilt.

bottom border 2 - feb 2020

bottom border - feb 2020

It is just the right sort of weather in England to be cosied up in a quilt stitching it together.  I do hope that nobody has suffered badly in the flooding.

If you have enjoyed reading this and want to join our happy group of stitchers then this Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

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SAL – February 2020

Hello Everybody

First, a warm welcome back to Jenny.

When I was recently ill, it enabled me to sit quietly and do some sewing and I have made some good progress with the final border of my quilt.  Unlike the top border where I was sewing one border block at a time I have combined the two before attaching to the main quilt and I think that I will add the half hexagons before I attach it making that totally complete.

Let the photos do the talking

Here is where i was last time …


Here is my progress …. Autumn corner piece added.

main quilt - autumn corner

And bottom borders …

bottom border - feb 2020bottom border 2 - feb 2020

Next up – just add the white edges and the column of white at the side ends and then piece together with the wadding and backing.  Then the quilting begins.

Well that is all for now, thank you for stopping by and now please pop along to the other members sewing projects to see their progress.

If you wish to join our friendly, supportive group please contact Avis (1st name in list below) and she will run through how it works.

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Sewing Sunday – February


If you read my previous post you will know that I have been ill this past week and had to stay in the warm, so after a couple of days when I could not focus or concentrate on anything I have managed to do some sewing.

In no particular order of preference

Cross Stitch 1 – Teacups

I have made good progress on this as I stitch whilst watching TV in the evenings – we end up watching repeats of programmes we like so it is easy for me to stitch and listen because I have quite a good memory so know what is going to happen, whereas my husband is beginning to lose his memory so enjoys watching them again.  It works for us and everybody is content.

By the way, thank you to everyone who sent kind wishes for my husband after his small procedure.  Everything went according to plan and he is much better.

Here is the start

new start cups 1

Here is where i am now

Teacups 1

The Robin Table Runner

I have also done a little of this mainly to see if it would fit on as expected.

The start

new start 2 robin table runner

Here is where i am now

robin runner 1

I am quite pleased with how it is emerging.

On the patchwork side of things I have stitched the two bottom borders of my SAL together – no picture as I am saving that for the SAL.

Rose Window Quilt

Also I have cut out loads more patches for the Rose Window Design – I love choosing which fabrics will blend together or even standout but in a good way.  Here are some of the colour ideas I have at the moment – some may be altered in the future depending on how it all goes together.



Psychedelic Dahlias

I have yet to sort out the stem on this design and I also have a question how do you applique the design onto a background fabric and remove the cardboard templates?  My understanding is that the cardboard templates do not get removed until all side are stitched.

Here is how I would like the design to look

Psychedlic Dahlias design 1

Quite quirky – n’est pas!!

Small Cushion idea

Last project – to make a small cushion using some of the Christmas Present I received from my penpal (many thanks to Emma @emma’scraftprojects)



And that ends this post and you can see I made good use of my sickness time at home (when it permitted).  I did stab myself twice with the needle when I sneezed abruptly.



A Murder arrives ……..


No this is not a murder mystery story as such but more a play on words.  I had been off ill with the terrible cold that is doing the rounds and noticed something happening outside.

One must consider what the actual title means

Murder according to the dictionary  is primarily  “a criminal act normally violent and premeditated against another person.”

But there is another type of “murder” and it is not grisly or premeditated, in fact it is perfectly natural.  (Does anybody have a clue yet).

Here are some photos to help ……………. da da dah!!!!!!

crows 2

Yes – it is a Murder of Crows

They appeared all of a sudden – perhaps about 23 of them – strange as I thought Crows were quite solitary birds but maybe I am wrong.  Amusing to watch – it was a though someone was pulling a string because as they “crowed” the head goes down and the tail spreads out.  I’m sure Mr Attenborough can explain it better.  Nonetheless amusing.

There was one bird who remained apart

crows 3

They stayed for half an hour some flying from one tree to the other

Does anybody have a clue as to why they suddenly appeared and then disappeared?  It was a lovely day and all birds had been active searching for food.

Bye for now.




Hetty Fun Sunday in February

Hello Hetty Here

I have just had the most fun with my human, rearranging her damp hair and hiding from her husband when he came home.  (I don’t know why she hid as normally she bob up and down with delight but when I walked out onto the landing she ran from my shoulder behind my hair and stayed there.  I though she might even fly downstairs but no!)  Oh for the love of birds!!

I have been shredding the new toy that was part of my Christmas haul, here is a picture of when it was newpresents

It is the top colourful one and I can safely say that I have chewed the large blocks and slats of wood off at least one of the strings.  I do love a good chew!

Apart from that I had snuggles with mum – photos say it all – mummy told me off for putting tongue out he!he!

And finally getting head scratches whilst on mummy’s very comfy lap.


Doesn’t my crown of feathers shine in the sunlight.  I’m being vain again

Best go

Love Hetty


HQAL – Feb 2020

Hi Everybody

I have not made much progress this week due to my husband having a small procedure at the local hospital so all I have achieved is to attach the sunny border to the main quilt.


I have laid it on the bed to get a good view and you can see a fair bit still needs doing.  The autumn corner needs attaching as does the autumn bottom border and the two corner pieces, then the sides and top and bottom edges.

Hopefully I will crack on with some sewing this coming week.


Please pop along to the other members of our group to view their individual projects.  

If you feel like joining our group please contact Kathy (1st name in list below).

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Friday Finish and 2 new starts!


Yeahhhhh! Whoppeee! First new finish of the year and it is still January!

Yes I have finished my Dream Catcher cross stitch, and I am pleased with my decision to only half bead the design as I felt the total beading obscured some of the lovely coloured detail in the design.  Artistic license and all that.

finish dreamcatcher


In detail …….

dreamcatcher top

dreamcatcher bottom

On the original design this bottom half should be beaded in the two corner  designs and in the top the two crosses should be beaded.  I’m happy with my decision.

Well that was the finish and now for the new starts and as per usual I wasn’t happy just doing one new start I had to venture into doing two new starts.

In no particularly order of preference the first is of a table runner with a Robin design at both ends.  Whilst it instructs you to find the centre of the material etc the design has literally nothing in the centre so to find the centre bottom I stitched a leading line down the middle which I will remove as the design takes form.  The robin is so cute!  Hopefully I will have this complete by Christmas.

new start 2 robin table runner

Vervaco Design I Stitch

Secondly, I had this in my Secret Santa 2018 and was thoroughly delighted with the present.  I will stitch this design and probable make it into a cushion front as I have an idea for a quilt and indeed have the fabric already which will blend perfectly.  Here is the the start of the cross stitch

new start cups 1

Joy Sunday  7063 Elegant Coffee Cups

That is all for this post, see you soon




Sewing Sunday End of Jan

Hi everybody

My how time flies, Christmas seems ages ago!

Well I have been busy sewing both on my SAL Hexagon patchwork and with my other projects.

Firstly my Dream Catcher Cross stitch – I have finished the back stitching and have started putting the beads on but I am not sure about the quantity as I think it distracts from the colourful cross stitching.   Any opinions invited as I do not know whether to proceed with beads or not.


IMG-3052 (2)


dreamcatcher with backstitch

Can anyone see what I mean?

Secondly, I have been playing with my very colourful fabric and have decided to call them my Psychedelic Dahlias and have ordered more honeycomb paper templates to make the leaves and some rectangles to make the stem.  The material is cut out ready to go.


It looks a bit basic but the general idea is visible.

Thirdly, I have been cutting out material for the Rose Window Quilt, which is the bit i like best, chosing the materials which will compliment each other and then cutting out the desired shapes.  No photos for this bit

Well that is me done for this post, what have you been sewing or preparing?

Love Daisy




SAL – End of Jan 2020

Hi everybody

Hope you have had a happy three weeks of sewing.  Mine has been quite successful, with my new batch of white hexies and also sewing the first corner block to the main quilt ….

summer corner attached

Also I have started sewing the multi coloured strip to the autumn border which will then be sewn as a block to the main quilt.

bottom border and multi strip

However, the next part is to sew the summer side strip to the main quilt and then add the autumn corner – that will make the top part finished apart from the half hexies to make a straight edge.  Sounds like a lot of work still to do.  Good job I am still enthused by it all.

summer side strip and autum corner

Well that is me for this week.  Why not pop along to see what the others have achieved in our group.  We all work on our own projects and share the news every 3 weeks.  If you would like to join in then please contact Avis (1st name in group below) who will explain everything and add you to our group.


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New Year brings new beginnings

As well as continuing with my hand sewn quilt, I have decided to maybe try some smaller items so I can practise quilting.  In that vein I have started two new projects, (I know I am hopeless at working on one thing at a time), the first photograph shows some blocks in the style of Rose Windows I think (please correct me if I am wrong).

I am hooked on hand sewing these little shapes, it is very relaxing and I can sew them during my lunch break at paid work

new patchwork 2

I am looking at making these into place mats or as a table runner.

The second project is very bold and colourful, I have called them my Psychedelic Sunflowers and the intention is to make a small quilt by applique the flowers onto a white background, giving  them a stem and leaves. Or as I am apt to change my mind, to make them into 9″ blocks and sew on to a cushion front.

new patchwork

I love how the coiled centres look 3D almost or is it just playing games with my eyes?

The only other sewing I have been doing whilst watching some TV is the backstitching on my Dreamcatcher cross stitch.  Backstitching can be annoying and slow but it is very effective.  Here is a before and after

dreamcatcher no backstitch

dreamcatcher with backstitch

It really makes the colours bloom and the bead effect is more defined.  I have yet to sew any beads on and there are little bits of cross stitching still to do.

Well that is all folks.  Happy stitching!