HQAL – Sunday 25th Sept 22

Hi Everyone

Hope you are all keeping well. After an emotional week, things are starting to get back to a normality. I was able to paper piece loads of little black squares whilst watching the coverage of the Queen’s State Funeral. Also I have sewn the middle section together and attached it to the top section so 2/3rd’s of the quilt top are complete. Quite chuffed with how it is coming together.

Here is the picture of my progress …..

Just need to keep making loads of little black squares. By the way, my husband really likes it so added bonus. I have not got any vibes on how to quilt this as yet.

That is me, please now pop along to the other members listed below to see their progress.

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.


Daisy x

Sewing Time

Hi Everyone

I have found myself pondering things a lot of late, maybe it was the passing of another birthday and the Queen dying. However, I am not Maudling just thinking. Life goes on and so does lots of stitching. I have put a fair few stitches into Sophia and this is how she looks now …….

The first part of her hair is quite tedious as there are lots of colour changes but I can equal it by just sewing black sections. She is progressing nicely even though sometimes I wonder at the thread colour choices but it all seems to blend. I still get that feeling that she is watching me like I did with Audrey. Here is a reminder of Audrey – I think they would look good hung together on our wall.

I do have another image sew and that it is John Wayne (The Duke) – my favourite cowboy. (I love cowboy/indian films and as a teenager my book choice was all about The Daltons Gang, Billy the Kid, Jesse James, etc etc). Each to their own eh!

I bought this from Steven Shaw of http://www.stitchpad.uk and then I will have to purchase the threads as listed. This will eventually hang beside the Indian Chief in our lounge. I don’t think I will use black aida maybe a blue aida or cream aida.

Reminder of Indian Chief …..

Well that is me for this post, take care

Daisy x

A Finish!


I have actually finished something. It is something small but nevertheless completed. Do you remember this

Well now it looks like this

I’m very pleased with it and the colours are quite happy colours.


Daisy x

SAL – 18th September 2022

Hello Everybody

I have managed a fair bit of sewing on various projects that I have on the go, including quite a bit on Fruits of Plenty. So here is where I was Last time ……

Here is my progress

Still really enjoying sewing this which is quite a good thing as I am short of half way mark.

I am thinking that instead of my initials I might insert “ER” for the marking of the year that our Queen died and the year will be 2022. The colours are quite regal so I think it may be fitting.

Anyway, please pop along to see the other projects our members are working on.


Bye for now



New Stash and Memoirs


I have promised my husband no more new fabric!!!! This will be quite hard!

This is my last purchase of new fabric until I finish a few quilts and perhaps create some scrappy quilts with remnants. So here is Wild Iris by Holly Taylor for Moda Fabrics as the front and hopefully going to use the purple dove fabric from Debbie Shore’s Garden Birds. Green and purple (my favourite colours) what is not to love.

So I have the panel which is already sectioned for my idea and also purchased the jelly roll to go with this panel. Again little 1.1/2″ squares will be sewn in a design around the central panel. I am going to include some ivory blenders from my stash.

Here is a photo

Apart from this I have done a little work on my Memoirs Quilt, I have sewn more of the 1.1/2″ squares for the side panel and prepared loads more. Also the four corners are all sewn together.

Well that is all for now



HQAL – Sunday 4th Sept 2022

Hello Everybody

This is the end of my holiday – back to work tomorrow – I wonder what awaits me!

Anyhow I have made good progress on my Nashville quilt, the top section is all sewn together. (No Photo). I have nearly completed the middle section and have prepared the poster art prints for the bottom section. I really like it when a quilt starts to come together. So here is my progress in photos …

The bottom section will require more little black squares. There is a car image in the centre of these two prints so that will limit how many squares I have to make.

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

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Birthday and sewing

Hello Everybody

It was my birthday on Thursday and received some lovely presents and flowers. The roses are a vibrant orange- (I’m not a red roses type of girl)-and they matched the freesias just so. See photos.

Fiery Frothy Flowers

I have already started reading The Red Queen. Anyone else like Philippa Gregory?

I have also been painting the bathroom, I am okay with the emulsion paint but the smell of gloss paint really gets to me. Luckily it is not a lot of gloss work. Everything looks lovely and fresh and clean – for a while anyway.

Aside from that venture, I have been sewing quite a lot really and have done a mini happy dance as I have finished the patchwork on the Parrot Quilt and have sorted a backing and the wadding. Today I have removed the majority of the paper pieces (a long laborious job but necessary) and have pin basted it . See photos.

I really enjoyed designing and making this quilt, although I have to admit changing my mind about the background 3 times. As it turned out I had just enough of the red flowery material. It was my first time using Batik fabric and is by far the brightest coloured palette I have used.

I also used the spare wadding to make some table mats and table runners with some material recently purchased. The tops are from the Under the Hedgerow Panel and the backing fabric is a mix of Unruly Nature (Golden colour) and Practical Magic Meadow Linen. See Photos

There is also a Squirrel with the golden fabric backing and a Rabbit with the meadow linen fabric backing. These are awaiting quilting.

Well that is all for this post, see you on Sunday for our update on the HQAL.


Daisy x

SAL – 28th August 2022

Firstly, warm welcome back to MaryMargaret.

I am on holiday from the paid job and I nearly forgot to post as the days seem to be flying by and because the normal schedule has been changed, however, I have been able to sew quite a lot these past four days so here is my progress

This is where I was last time ……

And this is my progress ….

Well that is me for now.

Please check out the other members blog space for this SAL in the links below

Daisy x



Other Sewing etc.


We have just had the upstairs outside windows and soffit boards painted (hottest weekend of the year – I know – but it was booked). Painter was a very nice gentleman. This was the first time that my husband had to concede that he could no longer climb the ladder and feel safe. My bird , Hetty, had to temporarily live downstairs which she wasn’t so happy about and screamed a lot, her sleeping habit was disturbed, and she awoke very grumpy and bit me. Definitely a weekend of me being wounded.

Onto the sewing – I have achieved a fair bit on Sophia – see pictures



It is slowly coming together.

On that note I shall sign off and get stitching


Daisy x

HQAL – Sunday 14th Aug 2022

Hello Everybody

Hope you are well and not suffering too much in the heat.

I have made good progress with the “little black squares”. 64 are sewn together and the other 32 are sewn into a block which just need attaching and the staging is complete.

Here is a picture of where I was last time

and where I am now.

The dance floor is next and then infill in ivory the gaps shown above

However, due to a fall out of bed last night – I am sporting a rather fetching black eye and a scuffed and bruised knee which has now swollen a little. I hit my eye on the corner of a wooden shelf which is part of the infrastructure that goes over the stair well. Another 1/2″ down and might have lost or severely injured the eye. (Think I need one of those side gates that they use in hospitals to stop you falling out os bed after an operation.)

Well that is me for this week – please look at the other member listed below who are creating some lovely projects.


Daisy x

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

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