Having fun with mum and Tweety Pie?

hettyand tweety 3

As you can see we have an imposter, doesn’t he know that 3 is a crowd.

Look at his pleading look, mum is not falling for his tricks.

I’m far more colourful.


hetty and tweety 1

I won – got kiss for being a good patient bird.

Hetty 1 – Tweety Pie 0

Rest time now – it’s really hot again today 28 degrees C

Another Fun Sunday

hetty on her own

Hi Hetty here – it’s been another day – and I’ve just spent quite a time studying the other native birds in our garden.  The pidgeon called Sherman (by my human – she likes to name the familiar birds) scoffed all the food in the bowl, the robin (called Mr Robin – how original!),  bobbed about but couldn’t get a look in, the blackbird (Mr Scuttlebug)  squawked a lot and the sparrow made enough noise for all of us.  I just quietly observed the antics from my cage.

There was noise from the little and large planes and a helicopter flying about – they frighten me.  Luckily my human was on hand to scratch my head and assure me it was alright.

Ah!! the peace of the countryside.

Mr M came and joined us after the football had finished.  That’s why it is quiet – the male species are watching the footie (and some females).

They’ve got it wrong – balls are for chewing not kicking – well that’s my take on it – but I’m only a Bird.


Peck Peck x


Sunny Sunday again


Hi its Hetty again – and I am sitting in my favourite spot stealing kisses from my human mum.  Do you like the second image – me sitting amongst the daisies.  Its very arty don’t you think?

Mummy has a bad headache so I am being very quiet – unusual for a parrot I know, but I can sense she is not well and wants some peace.

Bye for now.

Lazing on a Sunday

hetty in june

Hi everyone, I’m sitting in my favourite spot on my human mummy, stealing kisses at every moment.

It’s a very hot Sunday afternoon and we are just kicking back after cleaning the house top to toe, so to speak, and having just cleaned my house out human mummy is now relaxing.


I like mum’s t-shirt.

Bank Holiday Sunshine

Hi everybody,

Hope you all had a great Bank Holiday Weekend.  I know this is a little late but I have been painting the fence ( 16 sides and 1 gate) to be precise !

Unfortunately, I thought that I had been bitten but a visit to the doctor revealed that I had bleeding under the skin and have some nasty bruises on my legs – so much for getting your legs out in the sunshine.  Have to get a blood test done to find the cause.

Anyway, I eventually had some relaxing time and it was warm enough to bring Hetty outside and hung her cage in the shade of the Cherry tree …………….


In the first picture Hetty is busy shredding some celery…… then whetting the beak and finally posing with me.

Bye for now.




Hetty’s world

My human will keep photo-bombing my posing for pictures.  If I was only bigger I could block her out.  Not that I don’t love her unconditionally peck peck (kisses for the un-intiated) but you sometimes a girl needs her space.

I’ll settle here

It’s turned cold and wet again.  Snuggle time!!!




It’s Friday


Just finished this – needs a press but I wanted to share him with you.

And there’s more ……….


Finished this gentleman a while ago but nevertheless they both evoke the Jazz/Blues era perfectly.  Just need to get them framed.

(Both images are from Royal Paris and designed by Hazel Soan  copywrite Rosenstiel’s)

Hope you like

Daisy  x


Snowy Sunday

Hi everyone, it is snowing again in Hertfordshire, just enough to make you snuggle up indoors.  I feel sorry for all my feathered and human friends who have to brave this cold spell.


not sure why it is upside down but when plays it is right way up!!!!!!