Birdy Bytes – Christmas

Hi everyone – I just caught my human friend wrapping Christmas presents and got quite excited.  I know I have some because she always hangs a (Winnie the Pooh – that is what she called it)  stocking on the door.

Can not wait to help shred the paper.  I’ve recently destroyed two toys by shredding them.  Don’t look surprised – it is just what we do – shred things.  It is playtime.

Well now I hope all have a Merry Christmas, both human and birds.

Sings loudly  Tra-La-La-La-La!!!!!

Peck Peck





Birdy Bytes – Fun-time Sunday

Hetty playing on her birthday present.  Took a little time to get used to it but seemed to enjoy todays session.

Having looked at play stations online decided to make this myself from an old tray and some ladders and the wooden branches that I purchased at local pet shop.  The little toys I create myself using edible blocks purchased from Northern Parrots (very good, very quick service.)  My bird is a right stripper/shredder.

Bye for now!  Peck Peck



Hi everyone, just a little something other than stitching or playing with Hetty.  Busy reading a magazine called Psychologies (UK Edition) and in a couple of articles were some quotes which I admire

The first from Ghandi

“the only tyrant I accept in this world is the still voice within”

Basically asking everyone to listen to their gut instinct – usually it’s right.

The second

“honouring the dead is part of the privilege of being alive”

from an article by Mary Fenwick

If you think about it “being alive” is a privilege and we should be thankful.

Just my feelings







Swans and sygnets


Hi everyone – I love birds and have a particular soft spot for swans.  One day where I worked there was a river close by and a railway line.  One sygnet mis-judged the overhead cables and landed in the yard.  I managed to calm the poor thing and sat on the concrete next to it for over an hour whilst it drank some water and recovered from it’s experience.  It is hard for a swan to take off from a hard surface, (they need to paddle the water with their feet), and after a couple of tries and quick flapping of wings it took off, circled and away.  I felt good, happy that I could help.

The above picture is a Twilleys of Stamford Design.  It needs stretching and framing. Must save up the pennies.