HQAL – 29th Jan 2023

Hi everyone

I have been removing loads of paper squares from my Nashville Quilt and I am glad to have finished that now and have cut the backing fabric as the length I ordered wasn’t wide enough or long enough I had to piece it top and side. The patchwork top and batting and backing piece are now pin basted ready to start the quilting. My husband is getting quite excited…

So here is the photo of the top laid out sideways on our 3 seated sofa.

I am going to quilt it with diagonal lines on all the small squares and then sew around the inside of the poster art squares. Hopefully that will look alright. The backing is just plain black in case you were wondering what I had used.

Well that is all for now, please visit the other members listed below to see what they are creating.

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

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SAL – 22nd January 2023

Hi Everyone

Firstly, I hope Helen is feeling better.

I have been cross-stitching like crazy and have achieved quite a bit on My Modern Folk Embroidery this session. So without further ado, here is where I was last time – these are more like the true colours.

And this is my progress,

Sorry for tone of lighting, but is a very foggy damp day outside, so tone of light bulb makes it appear quite antique looking.

Hopefully next time I will be scrolling up. Remember I am doing the central panel last.

We are a small group of stitchers who work on individual pieces so why grab a beverage and peruse the links listed below. Happy Stitching!





HQAL – 8th Jan 2023

Hello and Happy New Year to Everyone and a special welcome back to Connie.

I do not have any photographic evidence for my post today as I have mainly been removing the cardboard pieces from the rear of the “Nashville Quilt”. There are a lot of little squares. So the only thing I can show you is a copy from the last post where I showed the finished quilt top

I am not sure how the quilting will go but I suspect hand quilting around every alternate square and maybe a little shadow quilting on the poster art prints or backstitching. Undecided!!!

Well that is me done, so grab a cuppa and peruse the other sites listed below where beautiful creations happen.

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Yearly Round-up for 2022

Well last year seems to have flown by and now I need to take stock of my achievements over the past year. Not that I am going to beat myself up for not completing something! Finishing the Nashville Quilt for my husband is the priority and also Sophia Loren.

Firstly – Material bought but not cut up yet

Stonehenge Quiltnot started (next on list)

Flower/Season Quilt – not started

Bear Quilt – not started

Forest Creatures Quilt – not started

Angel Quilt – not started

Peacock Quilt – not started

Stitch Fabric – not started

Secondly – Quilts in the process of being made

Seaside Quilt – started – no further progress

Stag Quilt – started – some more blocks completed and sewn together

Sewing Quilt – cut up ready to start

Christmas Quilt – started – top row completed and sewn together – middle section and side panel blocks completed

Rose Window Quilt – started – top of quilt completed – awaiting removal of paper pieces

Hearts in a Square Dance – started – no more progress

Ring-A-Roses Quilt – started – four rounds completed , started fifth round (this is a hexagon quilt)

Jane Austen – Pride and Prejudice Cross Stitch Quilt – started – centre piece finished, side panel blocks started

Memoirs Quilt – started – Left side panel blocks completed, started middle section

Bee Hive Quilt – started – Left side panel completed, Right side started

Nashville Quilt – started – top of quilt completed – awaiting removal of paper pieces

Thirdly Quilts awaiting Hand Quilting or Machine Quilting

Pirate Quilt – Outside panels quilted, centre panel quilted and rope quilting still in process on sandy areas

Bee on Lavender Quilt – sandwiched and pin basted ready to start quilting

Seasonal Quilt – sandwiched and pin basted ready to start quilting

Jazz Quilt – sandwiched and pin basted ready to start quilting

Daybreak Lap Quilt – Completed and gifted to my best friend.

Flower Fairy Lap Quilt – quilted awaiting binding

Snoopy Quilt – Completed

Winnie the Pooh Lap Quilt – not started yet

Safari Quilt – not started yet Tiled Quilt – sandwiched and pin basted

Sewing Quotation Lap Quilt – completed

Cross Stitch

Lady Greensleeves – Completed awaiting going to Picture Framers

Sophia Loren – about 1/2 finished

John Wayne – not started

Snow Queen – prepared but not started

Whinnie the Pooh (Christmas Gift) – not started

Celtic Bell Pull – started

Long Stitch

Spring – completed

Summer – started

Red Work (new project)

Red work Basket Quilt – prepared two blocks for sewing

Red work Fox – prepared ready to sew

Wow 38 projects – 4 completed so far. No wonder my mind is frazzled sometimes, but then again I like to have more than 1 project on the go at the same time. Ha! A busy year ahead!!

Well that’s me done. Take care and stay safe


Sewing Sunday and other things 1st Jan 2023

Hello Everybody and a Happy New Year

I trust you are well and not suffering too much from high jinks and jolliness from New Years Eve celebrations.

I have been busy throwing out old things . clothes – books – Dvds etc etc They will all go to the charity shops and clothing banks, so I feel a good start to the New Year.

I have also tidied up the sewing space, with the aid of some very nice sewing inspired Christmas Presents.

Sewing wise I have been working on my Christmas Quilt and the Honey Bee Quilt (no photos) and also been removing some of the little paper squares on the Nashville Quilt, as I have received the wadding and backing ready to start the basting and quilting. It is such a long laborious bit to paper piecing but also very necessary as I get better accuracy doing patchwork this way.

Christnas Presents

I received some new boots and an embroidered quilted gilet from my husband, which I absolutely love !!

My brother found me some Queen (rock band) coasters – gorgeous – no photo, and some new books by Phillipa Gregory.

My Mum gave me some Simple Cosmetics and some money which I put towards a new long shirt and a beautiful skirt. So in all I am a very happy and lucky lady.

Hetty received an abundance of new toys of which she has destroyed one already, it is lying shredded in the bottom of her cage.

Well I hope you all enjoyed the Holidays and received many delightful gifts and enjoyed great company.

Happy New Year

Stay Safe and Healthy, and thank you for all your support and encouragement over the year.


SAL – 1st January 2023

Hello and Happy New Year to one and all!

I hope you have enjoyed the Holiday Season. Weather excluded of course. I have been able to achieve quite a bit of sewing so without further ado, here is where I was last time …..

And here is my progress …

I am still enjoying this, so a great start to the New Year!

Well that is it for this post – remember to stay healthy and safe and thanks for reading my post and all the great support and motivation I have received from you all. Once again Happy New Year.


Please take a peek at the other members and their beautiful creations from the list below.




HQAL – Sunday 18th Dec 2022

Hello Everyone

I have done a small happy dance as I have completed the top of the Nashville Quilt (husband is well chuffed with it). I have ordered some more black cotton for the backing and some black wadding. So with all the strikes I am waiting for that to arrive before basting can commence. Here is a photo of the top laid on our bed.

We awoke to this amount of snow last Monday and it has not disappeared. Normally we only get a light dusting and then within a couple of days it has all gone. The gritters did a wonderful job clearing the main roads this year.

So I was rather pleased when I managed to complete the binding on the Snoopy Quilt whilst watching the England game on Saturday night ready for the cold snap.

Here is a photo

Well that’s me this year and now I wish all those who celebrate a wonderful time and everyone a healthy and happy New Year.

Merry Christmas


SAL – 11th December 2022

Hello Everyone

Three weeks have flown by again and i was beckoned to the main works again this week so left little time to stitch. Therefore, this will be brief – this is where I was last time

and this is where I am now….. just a little on the right hand triangle and some top stitches on the long lines. Better luck next time!

Sewing Sunday

Welcome to Sewing Sunday where I show what has been sewn or is in the process of being sewn outside of the two Sewing groups that I belong to.

In no particular order of importance we begin with Sophia Loren cross-stitch which is a gift to my husband, who watches over my progress eagerly. (He is oggling really!)

From September 2022 to November 22

Secondly, I have rejuvenating the Christmas Quilt that I started last year. In fact I didn’t like the small blocks that I had made so ripped them apart and rejigged how they looked, then sewed together one of the larger blocks and this is what I have so far … (Doesn’t it look christmassy!!)

I have also changed my mind on the design (typically me) but feel happier with how things look now.

Thirdly, and totally different to anything sewn so far, I am going to delve headfirst into Redwork. Helping me in this is the designs I found on Dandelion Designs by Mandy Shaw.

These are some of the last things purchased, before my self imposed curfew on buying new stash, however, I have just purchased the calico and thread and interfacing required to complete these designs. Here is a closeup of the Basket Quilt …

Isn’t it delicious. I’m not decided on the red fabric required yet. I have started as Mandy did with the months of June; (It was a SAL with her Secret society membership); and a picnic basket. The July block is Pick Your Own Strawberry basket. Both these have the interfacing ironed on. It looks like fun so wish me luck.

Also by Mandy Shaw are two delightful cushions (there are more designs). I have ironed the fox onto the calico and attached some wadding as I would like mine to have a quilted effect.

I am going to be busy!!!

Other projects still working on are my Jane Austen Quilt and Memoirs Quilt and the Honey Bee Quilt.

Quilts awaiting quilting now number four so I will have to get my wiggle on.

Thanks for stopping by and let me know what you have been sewing.

Goodbye for now


HQAL – Sunday 27th Nov 22

Hello Everyone

Hope you eare well, on a bleak November day in Old Blighty.

It is just the weather to hole up inside and sew quilts. On that note I will reveal how much sewing has been achieved these past three weeks.

I have been busy sewing black squares and the surround on one of the poster prints is finished. I have also sewn 24 squares to make 2 more lines on the middle section with the car. Then it is just 48 squares to a finished top part of quilt. Nearly a Mini Happy Dance

Here is the current progress ….

Well that is me for this time. Please take a peek at the other members listed below as they create some beautiful projects.

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

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