Sunday Sewing Jan 22

Hi Everybody

Firstly thank you too everybody for their well wishes towards my husband. He was very frail looking when we eventually got him home but he has perked up nicely and we had the stitches removed on Friday. The three small wounds are healing nicely – no infections but he had reacted badly to the antibiotic so we have added that to his list of allergies.

I have managed to progress another quilt to the quilting stage. This time it is my “Jazz Quilt”.

The intention is to quilt just inside the sewing lines on the dotted orange fabric and the yellow gingham fabric and the same thing on the centre panel with the white music notes. The black and cream panel I may just do a chevron style or cross hatch – undecided!! The gingham may just have a straight line again not thought too much about that. The spotted material at the side is to be the binding.

Well that is it for now.


All about the Bees

Hi Everybody

My husband is still in hospital – very anxious to have him home again. I have tried to occupy my mind with my sewing and like a busy bee I cannot settle to anything for very long. However, I have managed to unearth some UFO and set to preparing the backing and pinning together. First up , my Bee Quilt that has the cross stitch bee as its centrepiece.

Jogged anyone’s memory. It was a while ago (2018-2019), indeed my first attempt at patchwork. Do you like the cute bee stencil? Plan is to draw stencil on block as shown and around the centre piece and then just do diagonal lines following the design if you see what I mean.

Secondly, I have planned out and started to cut out a new Honey Bee Quilt using a Gail Pan Design for the centre piece and work a 9 patch block around this as shown. The little bee hives have been fussy cut from the stripe fabric you can see in the centre area. Looks sweet already.

I have cut the centre piece about and added the green bees as though flying across a meadow back to the hive. The plan for this is to have flower borders from the stripe fabric down either side of the nine patch blocks and then a 3 row 3″ pieced border of the various fabrics at the top and bottom.

Well that is all for now. Take care everyone.


HQAL – Sunday 16th Jan 2022

It’s the 16th already – does time fly!!!!

Well I haven’t applied one stitch to the Pirate Quilt but I will endeavour to do better in the next three weeks – promise!

My husband has just had a Staghorn Kidney Stone removed and he is still in hospital as I type (Saturday evening). I am hoping that he will come home tonight- as long as I can organise someone to collect him. He was admitted on Wednesday morning and I haven’t seen him since as the hospital is a Covid one and “no visitors allowed”, I miss him terribly. Nurse Mason is waiting to look after him. However, after cleaning the house thoroughly my spare time has been used admirably. I have started on a secret quilt for my husband called “Nashville” , have a look at my initial layout.

The idea is the top part to look like the stage and the octagons are to be table and chairs (going to add some black honeycomb shapes) around these. And there is a big American Car that my husband always likes. Some thing may change when it comes to putting everything together.

Secondly I have managed to sew together the Snoopy Quilt. It was basically a large piece of material, with wadding and backing which I used my Singer Hand Sewing Machine to stitch straight lines horizontally and some vertical ones and is now ready for the binding stage. Bit of a cheat really but I like it.

Well that is me for now, but what a start for 2022.

Please pop along to the other members and see how they have faired with there individual projects.

Happy New Year to anyone who I haven’t said it already.


This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

KathyMargaretDebNanetteSharonKarrin, and Daisy

SAL – Jan 2022

Happy New Year Everybody

Well the festivities are over and we can all settle into our new sewing year. I have not achieved much on Lady Greensleeves for many reasons but a few stitches have been made and this is where I was last time …..

And this is where I am now …..

Only a few more stitches and the dress will be complete.

Why not visit other members of our SAL and see the beautiful projects that they are working on.

Bye for now



Round-up of 2021

Well what a year it has been – who knew that we would still be fighting this flu related Super Bug.

Like many people I tucked myself indoors (apart from going to paid work) and picked up the needle and sewed. Slightly unrestful I started many new projects and not finished many at all. Bought more stash than I need but it will all be used in a project.

I have made a list of all the quilts that are awaiting being cut up ready to patchwork, prepped ready to start and awaiting quilting.

Material bought but not cut up

  1. Bee Hive Quilt
  2. Stonehenge Quilt
  3. Flower/Season Quilt
  4. Bear Quilt
  5. Forest Creatures Quilt
  6. Angel Quilt
  7. Cowboy Quilt
  8. Parrot Heart Quilt

Quilts in the process of being made

  1. Seaside Quilt – started
  2. Stag Quilt – started
  3. Sewing Quilt – cut up ready to start
  4. Christmas Quilt – started
  5. Rose Window Quilt – started
  6. Hearts in a Square Dance – started
  7. Ring-A-Roses Quilt – started
  8. Jane Austen – Pride and Prejudice Cross Stitch Quilt – started

Quilts awaiting Hand Quilting

  1. Pirate Quilt – started quilting
  2. Bee on Lavender Quilt
  3. Seasonal Quilt – awaiting quilting
  4. Jazz Quilt – awaiting quilting
  5. Daybreak Lap Quilt – awaiting quilting
  6. Flower Fairy Lap Quilt – awaiting quilting
  7. Snoopy Quilt
  8. Winnie the Pooh Lap Quilt
  9. Safari Quilt
  10. Tiled Quilt – awaiting quilting

On the Cross Stitch front – the same has happened

I have finished “Teacups” cross stitch

WIP – Lady Greensleeves

WIP – Sophia Loren

WIP – Robin Table Runner

PDF Downloads – Modern Folk Embroidery SAL 2021 – this is downloaded and ready to roll

PDF – John Wayne – not started

Longstitch Designs of Seasonal Flowers – Spring is done.

Seasonal Flower Cross Stitch (Spring, Summer Autumn Winter) none started

Small Projects – some work on Bookmarks

Other Sewing Projects

2 x Cushions – Finished

Needle Cases

Pin Cushions

Pot of Treats

So you can see that I have been far from lazy but just a little indecisive. He! He!

Sewing is my way of relaxing so slowly but shortly all will be completed. No rush – one stitch at a time.

One of my presents for Christmas was a new Winnie the Pooh Diary and the sentiments that follow are what I am aiming to achieve this coming year. There is something in not letting go of all your childhood traits – do you not thinks so!

Well it just leaves me to say that I wish you all the Best Year to Come in 2022 and hope and pray that everybody stays safe and well.

Love Daisy

In bed with Cillian Murphy and other stories …….


Well the title could be deceiving. Or not!!!!! These are my Christmas P.J’s

Well let’s get on with the sewing – I have been making blocks for the Christmas Quilt and whilst I am sort of following the pattern mentioned before I have changed some of the designs. Here are the blocks so far ……

The green one at the top is completed but the red one is half sewn. The white sausage dog print block is two thirds complete and I super-imposed the red sausage dog and red corners on top of the white print to see how it looked.

I have also put in a few stitches on Lady Greensleeves, hoping to finish this project by end of year but we shall see.

Bye for now and Happy New Year to you all. Stay safe.


HQAL – last one this year

Hello everybody

Ooops!!!! Apologies to everyone – I didn’t think we would blog on Boxing Day and I also haven’t touched the Pirate Quilt at all. So next year I will continue with it and hopefully finish before Easter. That’s my challenge for this quilt.

Bye for now and Happy New Year.


Sewing Sunday reveal …..!

Hello Everybody

Well I know that I have mentioned a few times that a secret Christmas Present was being sewn and now I can reveal that present (the recipient I am glad to say was very happy with his present).

Here are some photos …..

Not quite sure what happened to this image but the original picture shows the true colour best. The design just has a black fleece inner and backing. I want him to use it not just for show and hopefully he can wrap it around himself and keep warm when required.

Happy New Year to everyone

Daisy x

It’s Christmas!!

I have cooked, served and eaten the Christmas Meal and now my hubby is having a snooze in the chair after listening to the Queen’s Speech. So I have stole myself off to type this short message, include some photos and most of all to Hope and Wish you are all having a wonderful Christmas Day with lots of happy memories and present fun time which will become the memories of the future.

We had a Christmas Secret Santa at work and this is the present that I received:

Also, our I.T. company who look after our computers sent a wonderful hamper of goodies and I chose to have this Gingerbread Cup. It is so lovely to hold in your cupped hands.

So with this happy smiley face I bid you farewell for now!