All things new ……

Hello everyone

To practice hand sewing a quilt I have started a new fun project which is much smaller and more manageable I think. It is only two layers – a red spotted fleece back and the cotton top which I have back stitched around the head of the new snowman and high-lighted some areas with metallic thread. What do you think?

Also I have purchased some new stash, with ideas in mind for some of it and the rest will have to wait until I have an idea or see a quilt pattern which I would like to try. I must try and finish something – it is a weakness of mine – to never complete things before starting something new. Ah well!

Finally, but no means least, I have completed enough Rose Window Blocks to reach the half way mark.

Rose Window Quilt Half way there …….

Well folks that is all for now

Daisy x

HQAL – 20th Sept 2020

Hello Everyone

Where to start – at the beginning I guess – I have sewn together white hexies for the Seasonal Quilt and now I need to create some end pieces and attach those to the main quilt – then the top will be complete.

I have also made good progress on the “Cups” cross stitch and I am now on the final cup so filling in any gaps etc and then it will be complete – happy dance soon!!!

Here is where I was last post ……

and here is where I am now …..

I have loads to tell and show but that is for another post.

Bye for now


SAL – Sunday 13th Sept 2020

Hi everybody

Sorry about missing last update – totally forgot.

Well down to business – I have made some good progress on the “Cups” and here are the pictures …….


And now …….

Well that is all for now



Hetty’s Birdy Bytes

Hi Hetty here,

Hope everybody and everybirdy is well and healthy.

I haven’t blogged for a while but Mummy was angry with me yesterday because of my chewing habit. Well I ask you what is a parrot to do? I have plenty of toys to amuse me – it’s not that I am bored but I do have the habit of being naughty and chewing things I am not supposed too.

Here is the photographic evidence of my misdemeanor …..

The beak

I wasn’t that clever because this is the perch I sleep on at night and I was actually standing on it whilst pecking it to bits and had a mad flutter just after Mummy had cleaned the room causing feathers and dust to fly everywhere. Her main concern was that I wasn’t hurt and she replaced the perch immediately.

I am loved and cherished but terribly naughty.

Goodbye for now.


Peck Peck (X)

Birthday time

Hi Everyone

It is my Birthday today, I’m not at work, but my lovely manageress came to my house yesterday with a present and card from my work colleagues, really chuffed.

Here is what they bought me

Here are a collection of my other presents before and after


Various cards – friends and family
Mother and Younger Brother

My husband bought me some lovely flowers and when I get around to it – I need to upgrade to Windows 10, so either a new laptop with Windows 10 or just the upgrade (I love my current laptop) Also need to replace my printer. Very time consuming and I am not that proficient with all the gadgetry.

Now the after’s

I feel very cherished. My husbands card is the one with the dachshund as he knows I want one for real. Ahh! don’t you just love his little frown.

Well that is all folks

Bye for now.

Objet D’Art


I have a mix of things to show you,(this post is quite picture heavy), but first I am in need of some assistance – having recently collected from my Mother’s house the boxed Singer Sewing Machine that I used when I was younger, mainly to shorten my skirt lengths. It is a hand worked machine, had issues with stopping an electric one.

Here are some pictures, and it is the different feet included with this machine but no instructions that I have the query with. So if anybody knows what they are can you please list them starting from left to right, top row and bottom row.

Well, onto sewing things, in my blog yesterday I mentioned some new stash and here are some pictures of the centre panel (very colourful)

I have planned the design, but that will have to wait for now, but it will be very colourful and bold. Not decided on hand sewn or machine sewn. Might call this Supernova or Firecracker or Phoenix as in birth of a phoenix, not sure, as you may have guessed. Very excited though to get in the swing of sewing again – hot weather made me not wanting to sew much, and feeling well generally lacking in enthusiasm for anything and then back to work – very heavy duty again, generally tired all the while.

Hope someone can help with the naming of feet pictured above, very much appreciated.

Daisy x

HQAL – End of August 2020

Hello Everybody

Well what can I say , it would appear that I missed out a week and forgot to post on the other SAL that I am participating in.

However, I had a fairly successful week of staying at home making loads of Rose Window Blocks and also made some good progress on the Teacups Cross Stitch. My mind was buzzing with ideas as I had taken delivery of some new stash and I needed to plan out how this new quilt design was going to look. Once that was settled, I could sit back and actually get on with some sewing.

Amazingly I have sewn the side panel on the Seasonal Quilt, so only have to finish the other side and sew and few end pieces on the top section and it will be complete. The weather was very changeable when I was off work, first it was too hot (34 degrees C) – hardly anything was accomplished and then it stormed and cooled down to a comfortable 25 degrees, so I set too …… also part of the stash was the material I found and will use as backing to my Seasonal Quilt. (So happy when I saw this online at Sew Hot – it is called Rainbow Sprinkles Swiss Dots by Andover Fabrics)

First some Rose Window Blocks – I now have 52 completed blocks and loads more pieces cut and sorted. (Only another 44 to make ……….)

Secondly Teacups Cross stitch

Here is where I was……..

And here is where I am now

Well talking of tea -I’m off to make one …. ta rah! for now

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

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Bits and Bobs

Hi Everybody,

This will be a bit of a jumble but I will try to classify it. First of all the garden, we have made some alterations as the Clematis was not happy where we had put her, so having bought some vareigated leaved Privet called “Auream” we installed 3 plants against the fence panel. the contrast of the leaves against the green panel are fabulous. With the 3 spare plants we infilled the coniferous hedge where bits had died off.

Co-incidentally that is the side of the barbecue that I built, husband done the back and other side. not bad he!he!

Also I very luckily chose the week off when the day lillies have blossomed with several blooms on consecutive days, first 4 flowers, then 2, then 5, then 2 – amazing display.

Now onto sewing, I have been busy sewing the Rose Window Quilt, cutting out new piles of material ready to be sewn together.

Trying to plan the layout and not get duplicate blocks is quite difficult, though not disastrous.

Here are a few pictures of the blocks already stitched. They may not stay as depicted

So the above two pictures would in effect be lines 1,2,3.

Next are a group of six blocks making the next 3 lines eventually. The top lineois the last line of the previous picture.

Well hope that wasn’t too picture heavy but I am learning with the block editor on WordPress.

So fare thee well for now.


HQAL August 2020


Hope everyone is still safe and well.

As for sewing haven’t done a stitch on the Teacups cross-stitch, but have made a few more Rose Window Blocks. (No pictures yet!)

I am off work on holiday staycation so hopefully, I will be able to get on with crafting.

Please take a peak at the other members projects.

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SAL – 2nd August 2020

Hello everybody,

Hope you are all well and safe, especially if you live in North of our pleasant island.

Again it is very hot here in Blighty and I have made little progress what with work being at full pelt still. (When is it going to slow down – just for a breather.)

so without more ado, this is where I was last time

and this is where I am now

Why not pop along to our other member’s projects as we are a small group of stitchers who encourage one another and post every three weeks.

Bye for now