SAL – Sunday 11th April 2021

Hi everybody

I’m afraid not much happening on this front at the moment. The frame that holds Lady Greensleeves is quite large and it hurts my damaged shoulder to hold it and sew.

Hopefully in another three weeks I will have something to show you.

Please pop along to the other members and their projects as I think at least two people have a happy dance this time.

Bye for now

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Sewing – Happy Easter 2021

Good Morning Everybody

Hope you are all enjoying a little rest and whiling away the hours with beautiful sewing projects.

As usual I could not help but start a new project whilst also sewing together the Rose Window Quilt. both projects are light and easy to hold without straining my shoulder. I have managed to sew 2 rows, it’s quite hard getting the seams to match, but practice makes perfect, so they say.

The new project is Daybreak and I purchased a jelly roll and a 5″ charm pack of the same name by 3 Sisters at Moda Fabrics. Here are some pictures, there are 2 blocks of 15″ x 9″ and a centre piece which finishes at 9″ square. The other squares (all 1 1/2″) are not complete yet and I have not designed how the blocks will look. It is a work in progress and since taking the photos I have completed the dark block. At the moment the quilt will finish at 39″ x 24″ without a border but knowing me I will change my mind.

Well that’s all for now,


Spring Garden and Sewing

Hello Everyone

I am now in isolation as preparation for my Husband’s operation. At the same time my left shoulder has flared up with Bursitis and is preventing me from doing any heavy or weighty sewing. So I can only sew small things – luckily I had cut out loads of 1 1/2″ squares ready for another hand sewn EPP Quilt. I have also started to sew together My “Ring of Rose” hexagonal quilt – if that gets too heavy then perhaps I’ll start a small cross stitch.

Here is a photo of how that looks:

One thing that is easy to do is take photos using my Ipad so here are some pictures of our blossoming garden

Above a small gathering of daffodils with the Campanula shooting behind, in the middle is our new plant Hecheura with pink flower stalks and on the right white hyacinths.

Well that is all from me for now!



What does a hormonal parrot and a shredding machine have in common?

Hello Hetty Here

Mummy is making fun of me!

I am hormonal as it is spring – it’s that time of year. What more can a bird say.

I have been having fun and it keeps me occupied in this lockdown period we are still in. Too boot I have just had a bath so cage is soaking wet. He he!

Here are some more pictures of me

Mummy still loves me though – she wouldn’t want me all frustrated because I hadn’t got anything to do now would she. I got a swing, in fact I have trained both my Humans to give me a swing.

Bye for now


SAL – March 2021

Hello Everybody

I hope everybody is safe and well. In 4 days time Mr M, and myself will be in self isolation for 2 weeks as preparation for Mr M. going into hospital for an operation on 8th April. (Hopefully will be able to get on more with my sewing but I will also be working from home).

With no more ado, here is where I was last time

Here is where I am at present, I had more to complete than I thought when I rolled it down. Heyho!

That’s me – why not grab a coffee/tea break and peruse the other members projects.



HQAL – 7th March 2021

Hello everybody

If you have read any previous posts this week you will be aware that I have had a week off work. During that time I have been fairly successful with sewing various pieces, including some more of my hand quilting on the pirate quilt. I have completed one section of the rope design and started on another section.

That’s me this week


We are a group of like minded people who post their progress on their chosen hand quilting project and encourage one another in their endeavours.

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Friday Finish

Hello everybody

It’s been a while since a Friday Finish but that is what makes it special. Do you remember my Seasonal Quilt, well here are some photographs to help you …….


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bottom-border-attached.jpg


And here are the backing fabric and the wadding.

The backing fabric will have a horizontal seam half way and it is Andover by Andover Fabrics. I thought it echoed the front design beautifully. The Wadding is Hobbs Heirloom Premium Cotton

Now all I have to do is decide on a pattern to quilt it – firstly I thought about quilting in the ditch around the coloured hexagons but that leaves quite a lot of fabric unstitched. How much is too little? or too much? I have a heart and curved vine leaf design which might be appropriate, which could go on the white areas. Decisions, decisions!!!!!

Other stitching projects have also been worked on. I have started to sew the Old Rose Window blocks together – first line is complete and half of the second line. Matching all the seams is quite difficult. I have actually decided on the border material which arrived last week. So good progress there.

Cross stitch wise – I have made good progress with the Robin Table Runner here are some photos

The beginning ……..

in Feb 2021

and now in March 2021

Last but not least a new start

I have a new pieced hexagonal quilt called Ring of Roses. Here is a photo of how it will progress. I have stitched a lot more hexies than what is shown in the photo.

And that is all (quite a productive week off work) – hope you stay safe and well


SAL – 28th Feb 2021

Hi Everybody

I am having a well earned break of one week off work – but I have endeavoured to be very busy on the stitching front. I have done quite a lot of patchwork and also made good progress on the Lady Greensleeves project. So here is where I was last time ……

And here is my progress

Well that is me, why not pop along to our other members to see what they have achieved on their own projects. We all post every three weeks and each member works on their own individual projects – and encourage one another to complete our projects and lessen the UFO’s.

Bye for now



HQAL – 14th February 2021

Hi Everybody

Time is passing by so quickly, I cannot believe it has been three whole weeks since last posting. A little stitching has been achieved and I took the opportunity after removing my hoop to stencil the rope design onto the sand areas and also to stencil one corner just to see if it looks okay.

Here is where I was last time,

And here is where I am now

I am using a Roxanne quilters choice pencil in silver to stencil with. Hopefully it will wash out. Does anybody have a favourite choice of stencilling method? The thread is light aqua colour and is Aurifill 2835. What type of thread do you use when quilting?

That’s is my effort this time, why not pop along to the other members listed below to see what they have achieved on their own individual projects.


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