On the Sewing Front


Developments have happened – I find that I really, really enjoy sewing the Graduated Seasons Quilt by hand.  I know it is my first attempt but I love it and it seems to come together quite quickly.  I have done 3 hexagons in shades of green (Spring) and started on the shades of yellow/orange (Summer).  See below ……

Graduated hexagons 3 done

Will the novelty wear off?

Also, I have continued to sew Audrey

Here is where I was at ……

Friday 14th June 2019

and here is my progress

22nd June 2019

That’s all folks!




Blooming lovely!!!!

Hi everybody

Summer Solstice Day has gone and the garden has recently blossomed – been a bit wet and windy lately but today Saturday is gorgeous and you can see the plants have enjoyed the rain and now want to dance in the sun.

Here are some photos …….

I love the photo of the roses – they grow like two large bouquets and they smell heavenly.

My Pieris Forest Flame is late developing new red shoots but the Oak Tree has survived it’s move up the garden a little bit.  It does have small acorns appearing.  I love the contrast between the green and blue in the photo.

Hope your garden is blooming lovely as well

Bye for now


Hand Sewing

Hi Everybody

Isn’t it strange how the weather affects our moods so much.  A rainy week makes us miserable  and as soon as the sun comes out your mood brightens up.  (I know there is some scientific reasons but we will not go there.)

On to sewing and new adventures……. I am starting a new project the Graduated Hexies Quilt.  I know I have plenty of other projects started but this is just me.  It is how I work juggling lots of balls and dropping plenty.  I digress …….  I have just sewn together by hand – not machine – my first hexagon 2″ size.

I’m not sure how everybody else does their sewing together – I  used Ladder Stitch but do you use Whipstitch or Flat Back stitch?

This is my picture of the project……….

The idea is Spring, Summer, Autumn and I’ve just received some blue fabric so here is what the Winter will look like when cut and sewn ….

This is all a very big learning curve and are not the tutorials on the web brilliant!

Well hope you enjoyed this and if you have any ideas or advice it is very welcome.






Here’s to slow progress

Hi Everybody

Not an overly productive week, just a bit of stitching on Lady Greensleeves and Audrey.

Have not touched the patchwork this week, but I have received the Stonehenge fabric – it was worth the wait.  I’ll photograph it on a another blog.

Here’s my progress with Lady Greensleeves

May 25th 2019

27th May 2019


Friday 14th June 2019

And Audrey

audrey with eye


Friday 14th June 2019


See you again soon and thanks for stopping by.


I’ve got my Eye on you!

Hi Everybody,

I have to admit to not getting much done this week except a little bit of sewing on Audrey and as I suspected starting her eye makes me feel watched.  I do confess to feeling her natural beauty shining through  –  take a look.  What  do you think?


That’s all folks




Sunny June Sunday

Hi Everybody,

Well yes the sun is shining and all creatures great and small are singing or mating.  Just an observation!

For those of you who are not so cheery, I have some bright and beautiful flowers to try and cheer you up.

The yellow violas have quite a pungent perfume smell as you open the back door.

The other pansies have settled from their move and are standing quite tall now.

Doesn’t the colour of the Bloody Cranesbill just pop out of the screen?   I love the colour of the Campanulas.

The pansies that were left in the garden have been squashed by a certain cat sitting on them watching the Robin’s Nest and also leaving it’s calling card (if you know what I mean).   Not happy – we have just invested in one of those electronic cat deterrents.  Hope it works!

Having been out shopping I just couldn’t help but visit the book shop, bought two new books – well not both are new – The Favoured Child is second hand.  (I am going to have a lot of reading to do – perhaps some early nights or even making the most of the long days and read outside of an evening).


Kate Humble used to be on Country File.

The other thing I achieved today was to finish cutting the squares to my New Idea – (The Vintage Tea Party in a Tent Quilt).  Here is a sneak peak at how half the quilt will look

vintage tea party in a tent

It’s all pastel pinks and light blue.  Here are some close ups of the blocks

I really need to get sewing, but my mojo just wasn’t their today.  Just going to read.

Bye for now








New books and DVD.

Hi Everybody

Well May was a busy month all in all.  Now the Summer Weather has finally arrived I bought new books to read sitting on a bench with a good cup of tea.  Can not wait to start reading Michael Caine’s book.  I find him quite entertaining.

new books 1st june 2019

I’ve not read any Nadia Marks so hopefully will be enjoyable, I love Cecelia Ahern books and I am half way through the one I showed before (One Hundred Names) – it is quite intriguing.


I have also started reading David Attenborough – I think it might be one that I dip in and out of – if you know what I mean!

Next up

new book and dvd

I am reading this as my night time read.  Yesterday I watched the video (so that’s another one off my list of 19 for 19 DVD’s) – it was quite good and brilliantly acted.  The book is just beating it though – has more detail about her early life.  Anybody else read or watched the movie.?  what do you think?

Now I am going outside to read


Sewing Sunday & Machine Monday

Hi Everybody,

Hope everyone is enjoying the Bank Holiday in England, weather is inclement as usual.

Well I have been busy cross stitching and have moderate success on both Lady Greensleeves and Audrey.  Also couldn’t resist starting a new project.

May 11th 2019

May 11th 2019

May 25th 2019

May 25th 2019


May 25th 2019

New Project

feather May 25th 2019

Now onto some machine sewing.  I have been working on the pirate quilt and it is nearly complete, the middle section is sewn together and the top and bottom parts are sewn together.  The top border is complete and it is just the bottom border to sew together.  Then the hard part of putting the base the inner padding and the top together. (No pictures yet).  I will probably just quilt in the ditches.

However, I have had another idea and that is to either sew a patchwork pillowcase or table runner.  Picture of my idea:

Well that is me done.  Thanks for reading



New – Small Project

Hi Everybody

Do you remember I recently purchased some small material bundles from a trip to a retail park well I have just cut one up and made 4 x tablemats (well that is what they will be when I have finished them).  At the moment I have just designed and cut out the pattern.  The centre is a Pinwheel Block- and I have to give a huge shout out to Bekki  @Dartmoor Yarns for showing everyone how to do a quick pinwheel block on her blog.(The Quick and Easy Pinwheel Block Method –  18th April 2019).  I am new to patchwork but have a very curious mind so do not mind trying new things.

Which one is your favourite?

Now some photos – none of it is sewn together yet.

This ………….

Became these ……….





Well, that is all for this post – thank you for stopping by.



Tuesday turn-around

Hi everybody

Sorry the title sounds a little cryptic – but what it means is out with the old and in with the new as far as our garden is concerned.

It is my last day off work and yesterday I helped Husband trim the back hedge being very careful not to disturb the robin on its nest of 3 eggs.  Also we removed all the pansies from the little raised bed into one pot keeping the best ones and disposing of the others.

garden 1

Today we visited the local garden centre, purchased our chosen varieties and some that I haven’t tried before.  Returning home – we began planting.  The raised bed was to have Geraniums – Mixed colours at the back (they do not mind if it gets a little dry) and in front we planted African Marigolds in Vanilla.   The lavender we purchased last year is in full bloom.garden 5

The little area in front of the shed was to have French Marigolds and I moved some of the purple coloured pansies to the right around the trunk of the palm type tree – which by the way coming into flower.

Lobelia was planted in the Pieris Forest Flame pot and 3 marigolds and also in the Rhododendron pot just to add some colour in later summer.  The fern has unfuled beautifully.

garden 7

Along the side fence I planted Nemesia in Banana Split and Sapphire Blue.  I’ve not tried this plant before so we shall have to wait and see.

Finally I took a picture of my Oak Tree which we moved recently and the root had grown through the bottom of the pot and we had to break it off.  I thought that maybe we had lost it but it has performed as normal so far, so touch wood, it survives.

garden 9

Now we are exhausted and I am going to do some sewing.  The ironing will just have to wait!

Bye for now.