Friday Finish


Well I have finished another book.  A small achievement, I agree but it pushes me closer to my goal of 19 books.   The book is by a new author for myself, Liz Trenow.  It was a most enjoyable read, not taxing on the brain but very informative.



Well that’s it for now, I’m still busy sewing and will write another post on Sunday about that.



Sunday sewing


Well I have been busy planning and cutting out new quilt designs, my mojo is buzzing at the moment.  I really need to sit at the sewing machine and start piecing them together.

The Pirate Quilt

quilt - pirate surround

Above is the centre piece and then below are shown the two colours for the surround.

Next I cut out all the pieces for The Beachcomber Quilt

beside the sea quilt 2

Close up of the material designs ………

On the knitting front – zero effort.

On the cross stitch front I am busy stitching the centrepiece for The Bee Quilt, see below …..


Doesn’t Bertram Bee look lovely.  (Sorry …. I always name things/items).

Well busy me is of to sew.




Sunny Sunday

Well Hi everybody

At last a day to be cheerful – the sun is shining but the wind is still cold.  We are fortunate in this area as to not have flooding.  Yorkshire looked terrifying, with the water so high  and flowing rapidly, on the BBC News last night.  I hope it starts to recede soon.

On to more cheerful things – I have taken some pictures of our spring garden and my Pieris Forest Flame which I am very proud of.  We are looking at coppicing the back hedge as that top bit looked dangerous in the wind and would ruin plants and fencing if it fell down towards our garden.  Unfortunately it would disturb the pigeons who normally nest in there.

garden -spring 2019

Are not the yellow pansies cheerful.  The other pot plant is a Hellebore Christmas Rose which had a white flower in the beginning and now it is a pale green colour. The cowslip is doing well after we split it last year and the winter pansies are recovering from the heavy frost.  Spring is in the Air!

Bye for now


Friday – What fun!

Well Hi Everybody

The weather is still inclement, but not half as bad as some people have got it.  The skies may be gray but my heart is glowing.  I have just received a wonderful present from Emma @emmacraftdesigns (Thank you Emma)


I have just started a new project so Rosella will have to wait a little while.  The new project is the centrepiece to my Bee Quilt – which is a new adventure in itself.


I have sewn all the squares of the quilt and now need to sew them into strips or rows.  here is a recap of how it should look ……….

design layout for bee patchwork

Well that is all for now, hopefully will have some other progress news on Sunday.

Bye for now


Sunday Sew -In

Well the only thing good about our inclement weather is to sew and sew and sew.

I have an announcement – another finish yah!

Jane Austen is Finished…….


Just need to save some pennies to get it framed.  I’m convinced a mahogany frame will do it justice without taking away the colours.

Also been working on new patchwork ideas – mainly drawing the images out on graph paper and buying material.  Will have some pictures next time.

The only other thing to do on a rainy day is to snuggle with your pet.


Bye for now.



Lady Greensleeves – WIP

Hi everybody

Typical miserable weather – perfect for staying in and sewing.

Well I managed to do some more sewing today (Sunday) and have almost finished sewing the “Busy Bee” quilt together (top cover only), but I do not have photos to show you.

Other projects on the go – I have progressed a little more with Lady Greensleeves – see below

17th February 2019

Lady Greensleeves - Feb 17th 2019Lady Greensleeves - 2nd March 2019

2nd March 2019

Knitting – nothing achieved on this front.

Well that’s all folks





Hi everybody,

It’s Thursday and I have an extra day off work as it is the Birthday of my Husband.  It is a very low key affair today which is how he wants it.  Been out for a gentle stroll and something to eat and looked in the book shop, always a good idea – for me anyway.  It’s raining today – how can 2 days be so different.  Yesterday extremely warm for February – husband done the garden – he suffers today with aches.  Bless him!.  Everywhere does look nice though.  Can’t wait for Spring and everything coming into bloom.  It’s my favourite time of year together with Autumn.

Well below are some more books on my list:


I’ve started on the David Attenborough book, but as I always start more than one project at any one time then it would seem I need more bookmarks as this is the only one I can find.

With this in mind I have started to stitch one of the bookmarks that I mentioned buying last year


I am stitching is at work alongside stitching Carmen and an item from my Christmas Stash (you see I cannot do one subject at a time – I need the variety).  They will all get finished and hopefully push me towards my Goals for 19 for 19.

Take a look at my progress below:

This is Carmen, the large picture is how it looked in October last year (I admit to not concentrating much on this).


This is from the Christmas Stash I purchased at the beginning of the year. Cute!

Well that’s all folks, busy weekend ahead so not much stitching.

Bye for now.


Hetty – fun on a sunny day

Hello Hetty here

Well mummy and daddy have been out in the sun, but it is not warm enough for me just yet.  Hopefully we are going to have another lovely summer and I can go out under the tree like last year.  The window is open and I can hear all the birds tweeting, cooing and twittering.

Here is mummy and me posing he! he!  I always make my way to my favourite snuggling place.

Hope you are all having lovely weather, take care, time for sleep now!

Peck Peck

Sewing Sunday

Hi everybody,

Well despite the title -very little sewing is being accomplished today.  It is so nice outside – I went for a stroll with my husband instead.  Then it was time to clean Hetty out.  So back to the sewing – I have been concentrating on the Jane Austen quote and here is my progress so far – it’s nearly finished….


and now …..


I am really liking it.  What do you think?

My friend visited from Northumberland – she stays with her sister in Hitchin so I see her whenever she visits if possible, and she gave me a little present.  See below ……

Denise present

They are very sweet!  And I do not have a thimble so very useful!

Well that was short and sweet

So bye for now!





1st Review on 19 for 19


Yes it is time for a review on my progress for “19 for 19”.  Here goes ……

  1.     Read 19 books  (1 book read)
  2.     Sewing projects (2 sewing projects finished – Little Owl coaster and Christmas  Dachshund.)
  3.    Learn something new Well I have decided to try my hand at Patchwork Quilts, not listed on my original ideas, but new to me
  4.    To not buy clothes as much  Fairly successful – only 1 shirt bought in almost 2 months – that’s good for me!
  5.    To eat more vegetables not that good as cold put me off my food
  6.    To write to Penpals  1 letter + present to Australian penpal
  7.    To create something and sell it for Charity Nothing to report here
  8.    To watch 19 DVD’s or Movies Bought 1 DVD – not watched yet.  Watched box set (5 DVD’s) of Pink Panther movies (laughed loads see No. 11)
  9.    To finish my first novel. Still a WIP
  10.    To write a small poetry book  I have written some poetry
  11.    To laugh more  Moderate success
  12.    To play my Saxophone or Trumpet more Nothing to report here
  13.    To try and learn the Ukelele. Nothing to report here
  14.    To learn Pilates and Deep Breathing Cold prevented deep breathing – had  Asthma review
  15.    To  Visit National Trust Houses/English Heritage places Nothing to report here
  16.    To visit the V & A Museum Nothing to report here
  17.    Visit an Art Gallery Nothing to report here
  18.    Go on a long walk Not achieved any walks yet
  19. Go to Local Craft Fairs more.  Nothing to report here