Sew-in Sunday

Hi everyone

Hope you are all well and keeping safe.  I am not going to talk about the big bad world as we are all living it anyway where ever we are.

Instead I am going to focus on sewing, of which, I have achieved a plenty.  On my SAL I have completed one edge (previous post), but my real focus has been on my “Cup” cross stitch and my Old Rose Window Quilt.  I have cut up loads of pieces ready for making into the squares (it’s the bit I enjoy the most, choosing which materials are going together), and have a variety of squares finished and others in various stages of completion.

Last time I posted these were my calculations:

“Each square measures 6.5 inches, and I have calculated that I will need 8 blocks for the width and 12 blocks for the length.  (for a quilt measuring 52 inches by 78 inches , minus any borders).

That’s 96 blocks  –  I have 14 completed blocks and 15 semi finished.  Wish me luck!!”

Well now i have 23 completed and 10 nearly completed, 5 ready to be sewn together having been tacked to paper templates:

Here are some pictures



1st stage  – pieced and semi-pieced

2nd stage – corners need attaching and finish attaching edges on small squares to octagon pieces.

part made 4

newest material configuration –  all needs sewing together – and finally 17 completed squares.  (Above is 2nd one in from left on top row – sewn together) (2nd one in from left bottom row – corners need attaching)

FullSizeRender (30)

It is going to very colourful.

Also i mentioned the Cups cross stitch

Here is where I was ….

cups - march 2020

and here is where I am now …..


Well that was quite long for me but that’s all for now





4 thoughts on “Sew-in Sunday

  1. I just loved reading your post and seeing these gorgeous blocks come to life. Lovely pattern and you are doing so well with it and obviously enjoying the process very much. I too like that pattern. Your tea cups are also lovely and moving along. Take care now!


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