SAL – Sunday 25th July 2021

Hello Everybody

Again time has passed quickly, but it has been quite eventful unfortunately not in a good way. My Husband hurt his back so I worked from home again, I had a Steroid Injection in my Shoulder but it hasn’t made any difference so not too much stitching done, and my Mum fell over and broke her wrist badly and has just been operated on with the surgeon having to put some plates and pin in place. However the success depend on mum’s bone as she has osteoporosis and he warned her that she might loose some feeling in her hand. Quite damning news for her as she has always stitched. Her job was making leather, material gloves until she retired.

Well enough of that and onto my sewing

Here is where I was last time …..

And here is where I am now …….

That’s me so now why not pop along to the other members project to see how they have progressed.



9 thoughts on “SAL – Sunday 25th July 2021

  1. well done Daisy! is this the last part of the design now? or is there more to come, after all the filling in?


  2. I’m very sorry to hear about your family’s health :/ – I hope things do improve and they get time to recover. Cross stitch wise, this is looking beautiful and there looks like there’s so little left to do !! (Unless you have yet to move the frame once more ?)


  3. So sorry about all the injuries. I hope everyone heals quickly. With therapy your mom might be able to get back to stitching. Your cross-stitch is so pretty.


  4. Oh what have you had to cope with? I am suprised you managed to stitch at all. Sending warm healing hugs for you and your family members who are suffering and wishing you all a speedy recovery. xx


  5. Gosh, you guys heal up, OK? I hope you are all improving quickly this week, and get back to normal. I see that fill work you’ve managed, phenomenal progress considering all that’s gone on for you.


  6. With the exception of a beautiful work in progress, it’s not good news all around. Sending healing thoughts for everyone. Hang in there and concentrate on getting well 🙂


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