Another Fun Sunday

hetty on her own

Hi Hetty here – it’s been another day – and I’ve just spent quite a time studying the other native birds in our garden.  The pidgeon called Sherman (by my human – she likes to name the familiar birds) scoffed all the food in the bowl, the robin (called Mr Robin – how original!),  bobbed about but couldn’t get a look in, the blackbird (Mr Scuttlebug)  squawked a lot and the sparrow made enough noise for all of us.  I just quietly observed the antics from my cage.

There was noise from the little and large planes and a helicopter flying about – they frighten me.  Luckily my human was on hand to scratch my head and assure me it was alright.

Ah!! the peace of the countryside.

Mr M came and joined us after the football had finished.  That’s why it is quiet – the male species are watching the footie (and some females).

They’ve got it wrong – balls are for chewing not kicking – well that’s my take on it – but I’m only a Bird.


Peck Peck x



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