Friday for starters



Hello everyone, I know that I only normally post on a Sunday but I thought things needed shaking up a little.  Well above image shows some new projects that I will hopefully start shortly.  They are all a bit wordy but that’s what I fancy at the moment.

bookmark projects

I’ve also got a handful of bookmarks to start, maybe they are projects to do at work during my lunch breaks.

or perhaps start on some Christmas things.  (it’s too hot at the moment to start thinking about Christmas, I know!!!!!!)

These are all free patterns/images from Crazy Cross Stitch magazine.  They look fun and that is what really matters.

And last but not least an update on Lady Greensleeves

greensleeves 2

Jan 18



Aug 18

Slow but steady progress

That’s all for now





3 thoughts on “Friday for starters

  1. Thank you Emma, I’m sure you will complete more than me with all your projects. I’m still feeling loved up with my image of Hetty – satisfaction guaranteed I think. Mind you Hetty – the real deal is such fun and takes up a lot of my time. Hope everything is going along nicely with the baby. When are you due?


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