Hetty’s Birdy Bytes and Sewing Thoughts

Hetty 30th sept

Hi everybody – hope you are having a lovely Sunday.  Bit gloomy today and getting autumnal – so having  a nice snuggly day with my mummy.  Back in her good books- by the way.

Getting quite good at the posing lark (vanity again).

Hetty snuggles

Mummy says that I smell good.  stop it!

Not much to report on the sewing front, slowly but surely making progress with Lady Greensleeves , have nearly completed the Arabian Horse.

arab horse

The sky is now completed and the sand dunes, have added the jewelled head piece down his face and most of the mane is completed.

I am toying with the idea of making some bohemian type placemats by using one of my frames as a loom.  Just an idea floating around my busy brain at the moment – I will keep you posted.

Bye for now.



One thought on “Hetty’s Birdy Bytes and Sewing Thoughts

  1. a lovely piece of stitching.
    And I’m laughing at Hetty smelling nice because Rio smells nice too – sort of fruity ^^


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