Birdy Bytes

Hi everybody, Hetty here!

hetty posing 7-10-18

Today has been glorious, mummy went out for a little stroll in the autumn sunshine but when she came back we had our Sunday Fun day play time – took loads of photos of me – must love me lots.  Here is my good self – and I have been very good …….

cheek to cheek

cheek to cheek (posing again)


hetty and me 7-10-18

snuggled down in my favourite spot.  Must of dozed up because I needed a big yawn when I woke up

hetty full voice

I do like my portrait. (Vanity again !!!)

Mummy also made me some new toys to play with – well actually I shred them and mummy rebuilds them.  Look at all the lovely colours!

Toy parts are from Northern Parrots, England.

Bye for now.


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