Birdy bytes – Sunday playtime

Hi Hetty here,

I am surprised today to be given the opportunity to play as I was such a naughty birdy on Wednesday.  (To anyone who hasn’t seen a picture – I bit mummy’s lip very hard).

However, I had to prepare myself for the Sunday Selfie

Preen, manicure and pose ……..


Below is the damaged I done – not proud of myself at all.  I was put on the naughty perch, no swings from daddy, no grapes or other treats until mummy came home from work.  I was so pleased to see her, bobbed up and down stretched wings out like kind of hug and I got my head scratched……forgiven at last!

Bottom lip pierced by Hetty.

Mummy still loves and adores me, I must behave better.

Bye XX

Peck! Peck!


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