Happy New Year 2019!

19 goals for 2019

Hello everybody and a Happy New Year to you all!

It feels like 2018 went by so fast.  I’m sure it didn’t – maybe I was enjoying life so much that I didn’t notice the minutes, months disappearing for the year.  Maybe I was busy and time flies by when you are busy, does it not?

This New Year is going to be different – I will take note of more things, however small or large.  Well I have decided to give myself some goals for 2019.  This is not something I normally do – so no pressure there – but I feel inspired to proceed with this idea and see how much I actually achieve this year.

  1. Read 19 books – I like reading – in fact I am a bookworm. There are other things to be called in life but I am happy with “bookworm”.
  2. 19 Sewing projects – this might be achievable or it might not. I am not going to be too hard on myself if this goal isn’t reached.
  3. Learn something new – Maybe learn Latin (not because it can be useful but for fun)Maybe learn to crochet – Maybe take up Archaeology again – Maybe learn photography. I like taking pictures. – Maybe learn to draw and paint better.          One or all of these might be taken up.  Stay tuned …..
  4. To not spend too much money on clothes. I am quite bad at this (I may fail gasp!!!!!)
  5. To eat more vegetables – I am fairly good at this already so one of the easy goals I think.
  6. To write to my penpals more regularly.
  7. To create something and sell it for charity. To give something back.
  8. To watch 19 DVD’s or Movies.
  9. To finish my first novel – I have written a novel but it needs improving.
  10. To write poetry – a small book of 19 poems about everything.
  11. To laugh more!
  12. To play my saxophone and trumpet more
  13. To try and learn the Ukelele – I struggle with the strumming (i.e musical instrument in No. 12 normally play the melody note for note – not so with strumming.)
  14. To learn Pilates and deep breathing techniques.

Goals will also be desires

  1. Visit National Trust houses or English Heritage Sites
  2. Visit the V & A museum, National history museum, etc
  3. Visit an art gallery
  4. Go on a long walk (depends on health)
  5. Go to local craft fairs more.

I feel stressed already – it was hard to think of 19 different things.

I promise myself not to beat myself up about my failings.








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