Christmas Dachshund -2nd Finish of the year

Hi everyone,

I’m sitting at home poorly, wrapped in a blanket keeping warm.  I have a heavy cold and keep being sick.  Lack of sleep due to coughing and lack of appetite = migraine attack so I am trying to be kind to myself.  Not sure I can stave it off – but it has given me the chance to do more sewing than is normal during a working day.  I now have my second finish of the year – the Christmas Dachshund.  There are two pictures – one not backstitched and the other backstitched – it certainly makes a difference to the overall image.

dachshund backstitched

No backstitch …….

dachshund no backstitch


What do you think?

I’ve called him Chestnut.

Bye for now.



7 thoughts on “Christmas Dachshund -2nd Finish of the year

    1. Thank you, he is sweet isn’t he. I feel a lot better.
      On a separate note, I’ve tried to view your site recently, but it comes up “page cannot be displayed” . Have you got any idea why I cannot view it?


      1. Thanks for letting me know but I have no idea why you are having troubles getting through to my site! I’ve run it through various testing websites and they are showing all is ok. I’m sorry but I’ve no idea and it is quite concerning!


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