Sunday New Starts

Hi everybody,

I’ve had a very slow and dull week due to illness, but I have managed to sew a little and have two new starters.

The first is something I blogged about in August 2018 (doesn’t time fly)  – a wordy cross stitch from Riverdrift House, based on a Jane Austen quote.

new begin 1

Secondly, I have just picked up a  bag of knitting and have decided to use a pattern that I purchased when the local craft shop/knitting shop was closing down (30 years ago).  Yes it is that long since I started a knitting project but hey! it’s like riding a bike is it not?  When I was younger I had seven knitting projects on the go at once because I used to get bored of my slow progress – so therefore, I ended up with seven backs completed because all patterns begin with the instructions for the back.  It was a bit of a standing joke in my family.

So I am adapting the pattern bit into stripes but the dimensions and instructions are basically the same.  It is in khaki and coral.  Here is my progress so far …. this is the back folded in half.


That’s all for the moment.



One thought on “Sunday New Starts

  1. Your new start is so pretty, how beautiful sampler design! The border is amazing!
    I’m very slow on knitting… and I’m learning… the yarn colours are great!
    Have fun!!


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