1st Review on 19 for 19


Yes it is time for a review on my progress for “19 for 19”.  Here goes ……

  1.     Read 19 books  (1 book read)
  2.     Sewing projects (2 sewing projects finished – Little Owl coaster and Christmas  Dachshund.)
  3.    Learn something new Well I have decided to try my hand at Patchwork Quilts, not listed on my original ideas, but new to me
  4.    To not buy clothes as much  Fairly successful – only 1 shirt bought in almost 2 months – that’s good for me!
  5.    To eat more vegetables not that good as cold put me off my food
  6.    To write to Penpals  1 letter + present to Australian penpal
  7.    To create something and sell it for Charity Nothing to report here
  8.    To watch 19 DVD’s or Movies Bought 1 DVD – not watched yet.  Watched box set (5 DVD’s) of Pink Panther movies (laughed loads see No. 11)
  9.    To finish my first novel. Still a WIP
  10.    To write a small poetry book  I have written some poetry
  11.    To laugh more  Moderate success
  12.    To play my Saxophone or Trumpet more Nothing to report here
  13.    To try and learn the Ukelele. Nothing to report here
  14.    To learn Pilates and Deep Breathing Cold prevented deep breathing – had  Asthma review
  15.    To  Visit National Trust Houses/English Heritage places Nothing to report here
  16.    To visit the V & A Museum Nothing to report here
  17.    Visit an Art Gallery Nothing to report here
  18.    Go on a long walk Not achieved any walks yet
  19. Go to Local Craft Fairs more.  Nothing to report here



One thought on “1st Review on 19 for 19

  1. I always like to this sort of thing, for lots of reasons, but mostly because it actually makes me recognise when I don’t really want to do things and I can forget about them. Looks like you’re doing pretty well so far and some things are far more suited to different times of year anyway. Look forward to seeing your next progress report. good luck and above all have fun!


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