Hi everybody,

It’s Thursday and I have an extra day off work as it is the Birthday of my Husband.  It is a very low key affair today which is how he wants it.  Been out for a gentle stroll and something to eat and looked in the book shop, always a good idea – for me anyway.  It’s raining today – how can 2 days be so different.  Yesterday extremely warm for February – husband done the garden – he suffers today with aches.  Bless him!.  Everywhere does look nice though.  Can’t wait for Spring and everything coming into bloom.  It’s my favourite time of year together with Autumn.

Well below are some more books on my list:


I’ve started on the David Attenborough book, but as I always start more than one project at any one time then it would seem I need more bookmarks as this is the only one I can find.

With this in mind I have started to stitch one of the bookmarks that I mentioned buying last year


I am stitching is at work alongside stitching Carmen and an item from my Christmas Stash (you see I cannot do one subject at a time – I need the variety).  They will all get finished and hopefully push me towards my Goals for 19 for 19.

Take a look at my progress below:

This is Carmen, the large picture is how it looked in October last year (I admit to not concentrating much on this).


This is from the Christmas Stash I purchased at the beginning of the year. Cute!

Well that’s all folks, busy weekend ahead so not much stitching.

Bye for now.



One thought on “Books

  1. that’s a lovely selection of bookmark kits you’ve got there! They’d make lovely xmas présents, once stitched up, for family & friends!


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