Sunny Sunday

Well Hi everybody

At last a day to be cheerful – the sun is shining but the wind is still cold.  We are fortunate in this area as to not have flooding.  Yorkshire looked terrifying, with the water so high  and flowing rapidly, on the BBC News last night.  I hope it starts to recede soon.

On to more cheerful things – I have taken some pictures of our spring garden and my Pieris Forest Flame which I am very proud of.  We are looking at coppicing the back hedge as that top bit looked dangerous in the wind and would ruin plants and fencing if it fell down towards our garden.  Unfortunately it would disturb the pigeons who normally nest in there.

garden -spring 2019

Are not the yellow pansies cheerful.  The other pot plant is a Hellebore Christmas Rose which had a white flower in the beginning and now it is a pale green colour. The cowslip is doing well after we split it last year and the winter pansies are recovering from the heavy frost.  Spring is in the Air!

Bye for now



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