I thought that I would share some spring photos with you.  They are mainly photos of trees and their leaves unfurling and little shows of blossom and flowers.


Apple tree and blossom – that is not an overly large live blue tit but one that my Husband got and screwed to a branch.  Birds do not seem to care that it is there.

Canadian Maple Tree and blossom – has huge burnt copper and burgundy leaves.  I will take some pictures as the season develops.

trees 5

Oak Tree – this is where the ring necked doves want to build their nest.

trees 6

Photinia with sunlight through leaves

Rhododendren – such a gorgeous shocking pink.

The raised garden with winter flowering pansies – a shame to move them yet.  We will wait till end of next month to plant up this bed.

grave for ruffles

This is Ruffles Grave ( R.I.P my lovely pet cockatiel).  The bell is the one he loved to play with in his cage.  A deep red rose is planted on top and a bleeding heart is planted at the bottom.  I ring the bell whenever I go near the raised garden and say “hello”.  Silly I know – but you can not be serious all the time. (did that sound a bit John McEnroe!!!)

Bye for now!









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