Sunny June Sunday

Hi Everybody,

Well yes the sun is shining and all creatures great and small are singing or mating.  Just an observation!

For those of you who are not so cheery, I have some bright and beautiful flowers to try and cheer you up.

The yellow violas have quite a pungent perfume smell as you open the back door.

The other pansies have settled from their move and are standing quite tall now.

Doesn’t the colour of the Bloody Cranesbill just pop out of the screen?   I love the colour of the Campanulas.

The pansies that were left in the garden have been squashed by a certain cat sitting on them watching the Robin’s Nest and also leaving it’s calling card (if you know what I mean).   Not happy – we have just invested in one of those electronic cat deterrents.  Hope it works!

Having been out shopping I just couldn’t help but visit the book shop, bought two new books – well not both are new – The Favoured Child is second hand.  (I am going to have a lot of reading to do – perhaps some early nights or even making the most of the long days and read outside of an evening).


Kate Humble used to be on Country File.

The other thing I achieved today was to finish cutting the squares to my New Idea – (The Vintage Tea Party in a Tent Quilt).  Here is a sneak peak at how half the quilt will look

vintage tea party in a tent

It’s all pastel pinks and light blue.  Here are some close ups of the blocks

I really need to get sewing, but my mojo just wasn’t their today.  Just going to read.

Bye for now









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