Hand Sewing

Hi Everybody

Isn’t it strange how the weather affects our moods so much.  A rainy week makes us miserable  and as soon as the sun comes out your mood brightens up.  (I know there is some scientific reasons but we will not go there.)

On to sewing and new adventures……. I am starting a new project the Graduated Hexies Quilt.  I know I have plenty of other projects started but this is just me.  It is how I work juggling lots of balls and dropping plenty.  I digress …….  I have just sewn together by hand – not machine – my first hexagon 2″ size.

I’m not sure how everybody else does their sewing together – I  used Ladder Stitch but do you use Whipstitch or Flat Back stitch?

This is my picture of the project……….

The idea is Spring, Summer, Autumn and I’ve just received some blue fabric so here is what the Winter will look like when cut and sewn ….

This is all a very big learning curve and are not the tutorials on the web brilliant!

Well hope you enjoyed this and if you have any ideas or advice it is very welcome.






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