Roses are Red, and Yellow flowers too …

Hi everybody

It is a glorious day, the sun has warmed everywhere up and all things are bright and beautiful.  With that in mind and without further ado I will allow you to be smiled upon by nature.

Are these not gorgeous and there are so many heads on one stem it looks like a ready made bouquet.

Two more roses – patio gone wild

This pink rose has decided to flower so we cannot view them from the garden – they are shy – and face the maple tree trunk.  Does anyone know why the Maple tree trunk actually split and then heeled up?  The other rose is small but perfectly formed.

Yellow will not be outdone and can you not smile at this bright miniature sunflower …..

sunflower 2019

The begonia also try to hide but I have coaxed them out

begonia 2019

Finally some foliage shots – my Pieris though a few months out has finally sprouted loads of new red shoots

And finally the mighty Oak tree with little acorns forming …..

Oak tree june 2019

Such a gorgeous contrast between the two colours in the photo above.

Well, hope it made you smile.

See ya soon!





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