Sunday sew-in

Hi everybody

What a week I’ve had – it has been very productive both at paid work and home life.  I have been busy on the sewing front and you can see the fruits of my labours below.

21st July 2019

More stitches on Audrey – such a beauty.

Now another new idea – some stitched and some just mapped out.  This is a scrappy type quilt nothing been planned exactly – I just thought I would make some different blocks and then put them together.  This is not everything just a few samples that are made using 5″ squares and hexagons,  2″diamonds and half hexagons and then some triangles.  The materials are bought in charm packs and some from Hobbycraft Store that I visited not so long ago.

Stitched items – well basted but not sewn together.

not sewn together.

These last two are machine sewn on one seam and I may change one of them – it’s a moveable feast at the moment.


I have also basted some more white hexagons ready for the Seasonal Quilt.




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