Sunday Sewing and reading

Good Morning

Another wet Sunday – what is one to do if not sewing?  Read books, plan next project but  I have a few already on the go – WIP’s.

I have made small progress this week on all projects.  Firstly whilst I was sewing Audrey I suddenly realised that her beauty actually shone through to the reverse – what do you think?

audrey 18th July 2019 Front

audrey in reverse


On the patchwork front I have been creating the white hexagons and have attached some to the autumn section – small progress but still one stitch at a time.  I’m still not sure whether to stitch one white hexagon at a time to the autumn section or whether to create a whole column of them and then attach it.  What would anyone else do?

autumn and white


On the book front I have completed reading Cecelia Ahern’s “One Hundred Names” – it was an interesting read and a beautiful ending.

cecelia front

cecelia back

Secondly I also finished reading the Kate Humble walking book.  I thought it was well written and didn’t dwell on her career too much, but more on what one can achieve if you put your mind to it.  The book clearly makes a point on the therapeutic act of walking.

kate front

kate back

Thirdly, I found a half finished book in my bottom draw at work so have added that to my reading list.  It is Nancy Mitford – a biography by her good friend Harold Acton.  She is very witty and I like her sense of humour.

Well until next Sunday, when hopefully I will have achieved more work,

Thank you for reading .



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