Bank Holiday Sunday Sewing


Hope everyone in the UK is enjoying this sunny bank holiday and that everyone else is happy sewing whatever the weather.

Well it is too hot to sit and sew a quilt but I managed during the preceding week to complete a border for the Autumn Section and attach it, and also prepared the Winter Section ready for a border.  When they are attached it will be sewing the black hexagons for the final border and then the delicate art of piecing the backing, the middle and top layers all together – another new for me.


I have also been sewing Audrey at evening time and this is the progress I have made to date …….

audrey 18th July 2019

This is where I had got to on 18th August …..

August 25th 2019

This is where I am now.

I also have to confess that I relented and purchased some more goodies which I have had to wait for as they were not in stock at the time but worth the wait.  The first is another cross stitch of a fawn …. bambi!


Is it not cute!!!!

Secondly, I purchased some long stitch kits which will become part of a quilt which I have been slowly building in my mind.

new stash longstitch

I am going to have a busy winter when it arrives – but not just yet.

Fair thy well for now



One thought on “Bank Holiday Sunday Sewing

  1. didn’t realise Bothy Threads did longstitch kits. Looks like you’ve bought plenty to keep you busy for a long while.


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