Sunday Sewing & Hetty

I thought that I would combine the two posts today as not a lot has happened in the past week.

I have been busy sewing whenever there has been a spare moment, but time does fly by.

I have continued sewing Lady Greensleeves and have made small progress, mainly stitched the green area around her hair.

Also been stitching Audrey in the evenings, not too far to go now.

Well onto Hetty, we have just had a wonderful time together, despite the fact that she bit my finger earlier this morning.  Definitely a bird with a taciturn nature.  Hasn’t quite mastered the fact that ” you do not bite the hands that feed you “.

However, we played with an old cotton reel, her chucking it off her cage top me putting it back on.  Then she flew to and fro between the two lights and finally landed on her small stand.

She quickly made her way down the ladder and across the sand towards the edge of the top only to hang upside down over the edge.  This seem to be a favourite position of hers.

Well I hope everybody had a successful week on the sewing front.







One thought on “Sunday Sewing & Hetty

  1. Rio likes to hang upside down too . . . I suppose they get to see the world from a different perspective that way lol


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