Autumn/Winter Stash

Hi Everybody

I have once again succumbed to buying more stash, without actually having a plan for the material purchased.  Naughty me!!!!  The truth is that I need to buy some clips and curved safety pins but thought some material would make it worth while, as I ordered online.  I have subsequently drawn out a plan for the American Indian Quilt and cut the material ready.

Well I have been busy sewing, lots of hexagons ready for the final parts of the Seasonal Quilt which you will see in the SAL update.  Also been busy on Audrey and can see the final ahead of me.  Perhaps I will have another finish before Christmas.  I purchased a cross stitch magazine and have three small seasonal cards to stitch and I have to finish the Christmas Bauble I started ages ago – not sure where I have put those.

Well here are some photos – first up is the new stash

new stash oct 2019

I’ve thought about having Winnie the Pooh material for a while and I adore the Sausage Dog images.  It is nice to have something to look forward to don’t you think?

Here is the American Indian design

Indian quilt

The inner piece is going to be 2 totem poles and some smaller squares – I think at the moment – it could change.

Here are some close up of the designs

I think that I am drawn to pink and blue hues quite a lot even though I love green and purple shades the most.  Strange!

Last but not least, here is where I am now with Audrey.


Here are the freebies I mentioned above and an extra patchwork freebie picked up at grocery shopping.

I am going to be busy!!!!! ta rah for now.




One thought on “Autumn/Winter Stash

  1. I think we all buy more than we need, so we get our money’s Worth when we have to add on p&p ^^
    Pretty fabrics, would look great in a nursery.
    And oh! almost time for a happy dancy with Audrey, I see !


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