Sunday Sew-In December

Hello Everybody

Well the week has been very irregular, the weather has turned particularly cold and we have icy winds forecast, dinner dates – well brunch dates and birthdays all happened at once.  I have managed to stay on top of things – cards are written and posted, Christmas tree is up and the lovely husband has put the lights on the cherry tree in the back garden, and I have wrapped and despatched various Christmas Presents.  On top of that I am due to work extra days at the paid job due to having time off for the boiler being installed.

It is quite a relief to sit down and do some sewing – I have made more progress on the quilt which is displayed on other posts with reference to the SAL and HQAL groups.

I have also managed to make good progress on the Dreamcatcher cross stitch that I started in Oct/Nov time.

This is where I was ……..

new feather stitching

And this is where I am now ……..

dreamcatcher 2 Dec 2019

The colours have not shown up particularly well, there are greens, aquas, blues and purple with hints of golden yellow.  Not sure if it will be finished by Christmas.

That is all for now, I hope everyone else is getting prepared for the celebrations.




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