Hetty’s Birdy Bytes

Hello everybody


Hetty Hi Dec 19

I haven’t shown my face recently but in this post you are going to see it a lot as for the first time in three weeks my human mummy has time for cuddles.  We have shared loads of kisses through the cage bars and an enormous amount of strokes on the head.  My reason for confinement has been the wrapping of presents for Christmas and the need to go shopping for presents, thereby not leaving much time at the weekend for playing.  However, we have had a lovely long session of playing, cuddling and smoozing!!!  The pictures say it all……….Love mummy……Love Hetty …….kisses!!



Hetty Love Dec 19

hetty Merry christmas 2

Hetty giving heart wings and lots of fluffy love …….. by the way she loves hanging upside down just here.

Heart Wings Dec 19

And I know these are my presents – well who else wants toys and food from Northern Parrots.  Also I know from last year that the stocking hanging on the door knob is mine ie Winnie the Pooh.  I love ripping the paper off (you can see why I might have been confined to barracks – not very helpful when trying to wrap).


Well that’s it from me for now and I wish everybody a Warm, Happy, Safe and fluffy Christmas.

Love Hetty



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