Christmas Mash-up

Hi Everybody

This is my last post before Christmas, and it consists of a variety of subjects.

  1. Hetty’s presents
  2. New Stash 1
  3. New Stash 2
  4. New Stash 3
  5. Pemberley


  1. Hetty

I have splashed out a little on Hetty this year, she has food, toys and something to chew to pieces.

Hetty Presents 2019

She also has a new rope perch as she has started to rip the other one but it will not be wrapped up.

2.  New Stash 1.

new stash 1

This is just an idea mulling around in my head – a bright colourful wall hanging I think.

3.  New Stash 2.

new stash 2

I am thinking of using an octagon rose head centrepiece and surround it with the blenders in each pack making it into a square and than sew each square to make a quilt.  I think it is known as a Rose Window and I hope it looks like an old style quilt.  We shall have to wait and see …..

4.  New stash 3.

new stash 3

I am thinking of making some tablemats or drinks coasters out of this Lewis and Irene – The  Old Chocolate Shop fabric.

5.  Pemberley

Do you remember a while back I sewed a quote from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

well here is a reminder ….. it was from Riverdrift House.

centrepiece start

Well I found some Pemberley Fabric and now this will form the centrepiece to my Pemberley Quilt.

pemberley centrepiece

(Apologies cannot rotate for some weird reason)

I love how the fabric picks up the colours of the sewing.  They are violins on the fabric just in case you cannot define them.

These are the other fabrics, letters being posted, the pond, flowers, and images of the relevant houses.

I’ve not decided on the layout yet for this design.

Well that is lots to do already for 2020.  As well as the WIP’s I still have to do.

Busy 2020 for me.  What are your plans for 2020?

I think I will do another 20 for 20 – it did spur me on to do projects and read more.

My 19 for 19 will be on another post after Christmas as my final roundup for 2019.

So Happy Christmas Holidays and have a Wonderful New Year.

Love Daisy and Hettychristmas wishes 1

x & peck


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