Final 19 for 19 …….


This is the final round up of my successes and defeats for 2019 …….

  1. Read 19 Books (6 books read – 2 still reading)
  2. Sewing Projects (1 new start – Dreamcatcher – Audrey finished plus Spring longstitch finished) -that’s  6 new starts and 5 finished projects plus some completions of longstanding WIP’s.   Lady greensleeves still a WIP, (owls coloured in ready to be used in a sewing project) (butterfly colouring design ongoing – to be made into cushion)
  3. Learn Something New (Learning Patchwork  – 1 x Bee Quilt Top Finished – 1 x Pirate Quilt top finished – 5 more partly sewn together by machine /  1 new Seasonal Quilt hand sewn centre piece finished  – all border sections are complete awaiting to be attached to main body of quilt, and 1 Scrappy/Evolution Quilt part finished the top – hand sewn.  In the New Year I will need to learn Applique for this project.)
  4. To Not Buy Clothes as much (1 tee-shirt purchased and 2 new pyjama sets. also 1 pair jeans)
  5. To Eat more vegetables (started having 2 meals a week no meat, vegetables on the up.)
  6. To write To Penpals (Letter, card and Christmas present sent to  Australian penpal and 1 card/letter to best friend).  Does anybody want to be a penpal?  If so send your address to my email:  
  7. To create something and sell it for Charity Only charity deed was to purchase Christmas Cards as a donation to Kidney Research, oh! and a new poppy wristband.
  8. 8. To watch 19 DVD’s or Movies  (watched a box set (4 DVD’s) of Margaret Rutherford ( my husband’s favourite) depicting her version of Miss Marple – absolutely brilliant comic timing and shrewdness – laughed a lot – my favourite Miss Marple is Joan Hickson – who’s your favourite??  Have received a new DVD of Freddie Mercury as Christmas Present from my husband – not watched yet. (12 in total this year)
  9. To Finish my 1st Novel (Still a W.I.P.  Have wrote another chapter and feel it needs the characters padding out a bit.)
  10. To write a Small Poetry Book (3 more poems written)
  11. To laugh more Lots of laughter I’m happy to report
  12. To Play my Saxophone Played twice on a Sunday.
  13. To try and Learn the Ukelele Nothing to report here
  14. To Learn Pilates and Deep Breathing – (watching Darcy Bussell Pilates DVD – feel a little more flexible and helps with my Asthma)
  15. To Visit National Trust Houses/English Heritage places Nothing to report here
  16. To visit the V & A Museum Nothing to report here
  17. To visit an art Gallery Nothing to report here
  18. Go On a Long Walk Nothing to report here
  19. Go to Local Craft Fairs More Nothing to report here

Well – what do you think – some moderate success – other’s complete failure.   Perhaps I need to get out more though, I am determined to walk more this coming year.

Let’s see what 2020 brings!  HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE.



One thought on “Final 19 for 19 …….

  1. I think you did pretty well with your goals Daisy!
    at least they kept you fairly on track in some areas.
    I’m tempted to take you up on the offer of becoming your penpal, although I don’t know how often I could promise to write. Email on its way ^^


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