Out with the old ….In with the new!

Hi everyone

Well as the title suggests – something has been thrown out and it was with great sadness that I have had to dispose of a favourite pair of boots.  Yes – my black cowboy boots – have made their way to Boot Hill Cemetery in the sky at the grand age of 35 years.  They are well travelled having been to Cyprus, Spain, Menorca twice, Majorca, and Rhodes as well as local holidays around England, Scotland and Ireland.

old boots

The picture doesn’t represent the baldness of the suede but it is bad and the heels are bald as well and the boots let in water.  So fare thee well my trusted friends.

Now on to better stuff – I received some lovely fabric pieces from my penpal as a Christmas present ….. see below, and already I have ordered and received today some complimentary materials to utilize the gift  …. see other photos

new stash xmas present 2019Thank you Emma @Emma’ Craft Projects

I am thinking maybe a small quilt or cushion covers.

My to do list is growing – I must organise my 20 for 20 project list.

Well that is all for this post.









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