20 for 20 (Double the effort)

Hello everybody

Well the final review of last year left me feeling a little happy and a little sad.  So this year I have decided to ruffle up the ideas a little.  I have been pondering about 20 different ideas and it seemed a lot so I have condensed them as follows into 10.  My motto being “Double the effort”.  Hopefully I can stay true to this.

1.    To read or to listen to 20 books.  (This will give me the advantage to sew while I listen.)

  2.   To continue sewing cross stitch and designing quilts, combined with learning to write a quilt pattern.

         (a)   Finish Bee Quilt  

         (b)  Finish Pirate Quilt

         (c)   Finish Lady Greensleeves cross stitch

        (d)   Finish Seasonal Quilt

3.    Learn Applique (new skill) and try my hand at Gold Work (new skill)

4.   To continue writing to penpals   (anyone wanting to be a penpal please send address details to 01daisy1966@gmail.com)

5.   To go walking more/join National Trust again.

6.   To cook from fresh more often and eat more vegetables.

7.   To open Etsy shop.

8.   To care and appreciate more of our planet.

9.   To finish my Novel

10.   To finish my Poetry Book 

Well there is in black and white, it still seems a lot but hey ho! perhaps it will keep me on track.

Happy sewing in 2020 everyone!




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