Friday Finish and 2 new starts!


Yeahhhhh! Whoppeee! First new finish of the year and it is still January!

Yes I have finished my Dream Catcher cross stitch, and I am pleased with my decision to only half bead the design as I felt the total beading obscured some of the lovely coloured detail in the design.  Artistic license and all that.

finish dreamcatcher


In detail …….

dreamcatcher top

dreamcatcher bottom

On the original design this bottom half should be beaded in the two corner  designs and in the top the two crosses should be beaded.  I’m happy with my decision.

Well that was the finish and now for the new starts and as per usual I wasn’t happy just doing one new start I had to venture into doing two new starts.

In no particularly order of preference the first is of a table runner with a Robin design at both ends.  Whilst it instructs you to find the centre of the material etc the design has literally nothing in the centre so to find the centre bottom I stitched a leading line down the middle which I will remove as the design takes form.  The robin is so cute!  Hopefully I will have this complete by Christmas.

new start 2 robin table runner

Vervaco Design I Stitch

Secondly, I had this in my Secret Santa 2018 and was thoroughly delighted with the present.  I will stitch this design and probable make it into a cushion front as I have an idea for a quilt and indeed have the fabric already which will blend perfectly.  Here is the the start of the cross stitch

new start cups 1

Joy Sunday  7063 Elegant Coffee Cups

That is all for this post, see you soon





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