Sewing update


Hello everybody

I have been busy sewing blocks for my Rose Window Quilt, and it is fair to say that this quilt does not grow as fast as the hexagon quilt.  Speaking of hexagons – I am still working on the border of the Seasonal Quilt but that is for another post.

Here are some images of the various blocks.  They will not necessarily stay in the order shown.  (Quite a few pictures actually).

Blue Rose window 1

Burgundy.Grey Rose window 1

pink rose window 1


Also I have been sewing the cups cross stitch which is slowly developing.

Here is where I was ……… at the beginning of Feb 2020

Teacups 1


Here is where I am now at the end of Feb 2020 …..

IMG-3162 (1)

Well that is all for now.






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