Sewing Sunday

Hello everybody

First of all, I hope everyone is healthy and following the government guidelines for  this terrible coronavirus bug.  My best wishes to anyone suffering at this moment in time.  I hope you make a full recovery.

Well I am lucky that in this clamp down on social gatherings I can happily amuse myself with my hobbies.  I have been busy with my projects, but to confess I haven’t actually done a single stitch today, so in no particular order:-

Cross stitch – my cups cross stitch is developing slowly but surely.

Here is where I was at the end of February …..

IMG-3162 (1)

and here is where i am now …..

cups - march 2020

Patchwork – I have been busy cutting out the parts required for my Old Rose Window Quilt.  It takes quite a long time sorting out the various colour ways but here are a few examples of some that I have prepared

And here are a few in various states of completion

Semi-finished …….

semi finished 1

And these are finished …..

finished march 2020

Each square measures 6.5 inches, and I have calculated that I will need 8 blocks for the width and 12 blocks for the length.  (for a quilt measuring 52 inches by 78 inches , minus any borders).

That’s 96 blocks  –  I have 14 completed blocks and 15 semi finished.  Wish me luck!!

That’s all for now.




2 thoughts on “Sewing Sunday

  1. Wonderful progress on both the quilt and the tea cups. The quilt design is quite interesting and I love all the different colors you’re using 🙂


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