Easter Wishes and Sewing Sunday

Hi Everybody

Happy Easter and hope you are all well and safe.  As a migraineur and not being particularly religious I do not indulge in chocolate so flowers are my thing!  The chocolates are for my husband.


Easter bunny

Card sent by our daughter Jo and husband.  soooo cute!!

Okay some more cute pictures from internet and Pinterest.

To start I have been busy sewing my teacups cross-stitch and my Rose window Quilt blocks which I can say I am thoroughly enjoying.  I am grateful that I have a past-time which I can enjoy indoors or out in the garden during these troubled times.

Teacups – here is where I was ……


and here is where I am now ……

Teacups April 1

I like how you can see the rippling effect of old fine bone china cups.

These are some new blocks for my Rose Window Quilt

The top squares are now complete the bottom two are in various stages of completion.

It is a beautiful blue sky, sunny day in the eastern part of Britain at the moment, although rain is forecast for this evening, but I think enjoy every moment as it stands, so to speak.

The garden has sprung into life after all the wind and storms.  We had storm damage in that it broke our lovely rhododendron, and a piece of the Pieris Forest Flame.


Well a little photo heavy but light hearted.  Hope some pictures cheered you up and if not here is a little prayer that I discovered on the internet.

parrot prayer

Best Regards




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