Spring-Summer time to relax

Hi everyone

Hope you are all well and safe.

You may know from previous posts that I am still working, and it has been mega busy.  In appreciation for all our hardwork the Directors gave us a choice of Wine, 4 x Beer Bottles, Chocolates and Flowers.  I received Tulips and Chocolates – husband will eat those.  The tulips are lovely …


I am thoroughly enjoying these three days off.  Here in England we had Friday off for the 75th Anniversary V.E. Day Celebrations which are obviously all low key affairs now.  I raised my Mug of Tea at 3:00pm in remembrance and thankfulness of those who fought for my freedom.

Also today (Saturday) I saw my first Swallow – is it early? or late?  Certainly very warm here today. (23 degrees C.)

The plants in the garden have started to move, and we have just planted up the various patio pots.


pots and plants


We also have some luck with the poppy seeds a kind neighbour gave us last year i think.  Nothing happened last year but this year and both plants have certainly taken root and established themselves.

They are so papery thin – the petals and there are four more heads to come and the plant in the back garden has a head coming too.

Sewing-wise, I have done some more on the Teacups cross stitch.  This is where I was in April …

Teacups April 1

and this is where I am now….. progessing nicely.

cups - may 2020

The other stitchwork has been my Rose window Quilt Blocks of which I now have 32 completed – only another 64 to go then ……

Here are some new ones

That is all folks – take care and stay safe.






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