Mother Nature

How smart and clever Mother Nature is! Through all our dismay and concerns to Blooms!!!!!

Look at the luminosity of the light through this poppy petal.

And this one

The heads are quite huge.

The geraniums below are actually last years which have been in the ground all winter and come through unscathed and have some flower heads forming. They are a blessing in disguise since we were unable to go to the Garden Centre, and it has saved some money.

The rear garden has sprouted shoots for the Dahlias’ and both fushcia plants are sprouting leaves and the Begonias are just starting so with this warm spell we are having everything will blossom.

Cherries are forming on the cherry tree and all the trees – Oak, Canadian Maple tree have leaved up lovely.

The Palm we have growing has three huge flower heads – can not wait for this to blossom. It looks quite spectacular.

Maple tree and French Marigold in small garden
Palm in bud

My husband has busied himself in the garden whilst I have been at work and a nice clean pond was one of his jobs. It is actually an old pigs trough which is painted green (the water is not green).

The only real calamity this year appears to be my Pieris Forest Flame which had it’s new shoots burnt in the early frost and it doesn’t appear to be shooting any new ones. It flowered beautifully and I have given it some food to help but alas nothing as yet.

We also need to sort out the Camellia shrub as I think it needs a larger pot and I am hoping the roots are not broken through the existing one it is in sunk into the ground as they do not like our soil, and need to planted in ericaceous soil.

Well that is the update on my garden so far. How is your garden faring? Have you been to a Garden Centre yet? What plants are your success story?

Bye for now.


PS Just to let you know Hetty is fine.


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