The Garden in June

Hi everybody

Hope you are well and safe, but most of all beginning to enjoy meeting friends and family. I visited my mother for the first time in 10 or 12 weeks. We have spoken on the phone regularly but visual is much better.

During this troubled time I have helped my husband in the garden, sometimes after work but mainly at the weekend, particularly when heavy work was involved i.e replanting some shrubs into larger pots, four hands are always better than two. We purchased two new pots and I painted them green as you can see from the photos below. We then filled the pots with the correct soil and half – buried the Camelia in the top garden. She is looking better already (I named her Camilla).

Here are some pictures (might be photo heavy actually)

lavender and pump in front garden
palm tree flowers June 2020
Poppy in Back Garden (that isn’t a real frog – although we have recently acquired one)

Well I hope it made you smile.

Bye for now.


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