Bits and Bobs

Hi Everybody,

This will be a bit of a jumble but I will try to classify it. First of all the garden, we have made some alterations as the Clematis was not happy where we had put her, so having bought some vareigated leaved Privet called “Auream” we installed 3 plants against the fence panel. the contrast of the leaves against the green panel are fabulous. With the 3 spare plants we infilled the coniferous hedge where bits had died off.

Co-incidentally that is the side of the barbecue that I built, husband done the back and other side. not bad he!he!

Also I very luckily chose the week off when the day lillies have blossomed with several blooms on consecutive days, first 4 flowers, then 2, then 5, then 2 – amazing display.

Now onto sewing, I have been busy sewing the Rose Window Quilt, cutting out new piles of material ready to be sewn together.

Trying to plan the layout and not get duplicate blocks is quite difficult, though not disastrous.

Here are a few pictures of the blocks already stitched. They may not stay as depicted

So the above two pictures would in effect be lines 1,2,3.

Next are a group of six blocks making the next 3 lines eventually. The top lineois the last line of the previous picture.

Well hope that wasn’t too picture heavy but I am learning with the block editor on WordPress.

So fare thee well for now.



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