Birthday time

Hi Everyone

It is my Birthday today, I’m not at work, but my lovely manageress came to my house yesterday with a present and card from my work colleagues, really chuffed.

Here is what they bought me

Here are a collection of my other presents before and after


Various cards – friends and family
Mother and Younger Brother

My husband bought me some lovely flowers and when I get around to it – I need to upgrade to Windows 10, so either a new laptop with Windows 10 or just the upgrade (I love my current laptop) Also need to replace my printer. Very time consuming and I am not that proficient with all the gadgetry.

Now the after’s

I feel very cherished. My husbands card is the one with the dachshund as he knows I want one for real. Ahh! don’t you just love his little frown.

Well that is all folks

Bye for now.


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