It’s a right Jumble

Hi Everyone

I am on holiday from paid work this week, so after helping out in the Garden with Hubby on a very nice but chilly day yesterday, I decided that today was my day for stitching and catching up with penpals and of course playing with Hetty, my bird.

I also have two finishes to report that are not part of my SAL or HQAL groups.

Firstly I have completed a small object which has now become a present for Christmas and as the recipient might read the blog, I cannot actually reveal too much. Only that I have been toying around with a few ideas and well I guess you would say this item is the prototype. At some stage, I hope to open an “ETSY Shop” but I have just found out that due to the new Lockdown being announced it appears to have gone BARMY at work again!!! Will it ever slow down – to take a breath – I feel that I will go back to a muddle and lots of stock having been sold and a lot of stock to be received in. I mustn’t worry but I do.

Anyhow I digress – next finish was a jumper that I started many moons ago (a very old UFO). I used three different coloured balls of wool, cream, lilac and a variegated lilac in a stripey style. Here is a photo of the finished item.

The only bit that was standard was the ribbing, everything else was how it came off the ball as I had re-winded swapping between colours erratically.

Bonus that I haven’t put too much weight on and it still fits – snuggly.

Hetty – my Meyer’s Parrot has had a lovely day today. Here is what she has to say on the subject.

“Hello” – “mummy spent lots of time with me today despite the fact that yesterday I was very screechy. She has tidied my cage and created new toys for me, as well as made a new swing which I always chew the rope until it breaks. I fall off but never learn. Birdbrain you see!! Here are some pictures of me asking for a kiss”.

“Yes that beak can do serious damage. But I love mummy and only give her gentle warning bites (doesn’t break skin) on her fingers. Not often I must add – when I’m hormonal usually.”

Well, must go now – I’ve a long letter to write.



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